Counter Shutters

A neon sign at the forefront signals that a business is open, but how can you indicate that your small business is closed and secure from danger? Counter shutters are an invaluable tool to separate customers from employees and protect merchandise. This seemingly simple addition will increase the security of your business’s inventory, whether it’s medication, alcohol, or food. They give you a safe and secure way to conduct your business.

Commercial counter shutters are a popular choice for smaller enterprises, like hole-in-the-wall restaurants or vendors where an entire shop isn’t available. These fixtures allow you to exchange and conduct trade in a compact, secure space.

Enhance the security of your countertop spaces with counter shutters. With a simple and effective rolling system, roll-up counter doors make closing up shop safer and easier.

Roll-up counter shutters are great for:

• Cafeterias

• Healthcare services

• Churches

• Service counters

• Separating break areas

Benefits of Rolling Counter Doors

Enhanced Security

Rolling counter shutters allow you to cover a wide opening with ease. They leave no cracks between the floor and the door, protecting your inventory from external influences like rain or prying hands. For even more enhanced security, opting for steel roll-up counter shutters gives you a cover that’s highly durable and resistant to wear and tear. 

Seamless Appearances

Roll-up doors like the 6500 series, for example, provide up to 188 color options, hidden fasteners, and state-of-the-art designs that leave you with seamless appearances. Proper installation further enhances your counter space’s look. It allows your counter shutters to blend into the surrounding walls and create a professional appearance when your business closes for the day.

Smooth Operations

Roll-up counter shutters save space, eliminating the need to make extra room for swinging door frames to prop open. Plus, these fixtures can be motorized. With a simple lift or a press of a button, the flats roll up and stay stored out of the way, allowing you to conduct business with plenty of space left over. 

Shop and Install

At the Door and Fence Store, we partner with C.H.I Overhead Doors to provide you with quality rolling steel doors that are perfect for a variety of applications, including for use as counter shutters. We’ll help you find the ideal rolling counter door, install it, and aid your business in success with a foolproof door system. Enjoy all the benefits of commercial counter shutters, and contact us today!