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Garage doors come in many forms, from classic two-door carriage styles to industrious rolling metal variations. The broad selection of options makes finding the perfect door for your business or home challenging, especially if you don’t know much about garage doors. Luckily, you have the Door and Fence Store. We’re a garage door supplier in Jordan, IA, with an expert team and diverse inventory, and we’ll match you with the best door for your space and needs. We partner with reliable dealers (C.H.I Overhead Doors) and manufacturers that give you quality garage door options that cater to different styles and purposes. We can set you up with traditional home garage doors, shutters for window businesses, fireproof doors, and lots more. 

After you find the perfect door for your space, our services don’t stop there. As well as being a garage door supply store, we also provide garage door installations and repairs. Proper installation is key to a successfully operating garage door. It also minimizes future issues and damages. At the Door and Fence Store, our experts ensure they properly install your new garage doors so that they function as intended. This way, you can make the most of your latest property addition. If issues arise in the future, such as broken cables, damaged panels, unnatural noises, and stripped gears, we’ll send our repair team your way. We’ll even help you out with faulty garage door openers, remote controls, and safety eyes. The Door and Fence Store is a garage door supplier in Jordan, IA, that caters to your various garage door needs.  

To top it all off, we also extend our business into the fencing industry. Just like with our garage doors, we supply multiple fence selections and offer quality installations. If you live in Jordan, IA, and need a new fence or garage door, reach out to the Door and Fence Store.   

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Get in touch with a member of our garage door supplier team in Gilbert, IA, today, or fill out our free estimate form to get pricing for your garage doors. We’re ready to help you make the outside of your property look its best while also functioning at its best.