Commercial Roll-Up Door Installation

We offer commercial roll-up steel doors and counter shutters for industrial, institutional, and heavy duty residential applications.  Steel doors are great for security, durability and longevity. They are easy to maintain and customize. When you need a no-nonsense door that will protect the contents on the other side, commercial roll-up steel doors are the clear choice. Explore our options below and call us for all of your commercial roll-up door installation needs.

Rolling Steel Applications


  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Loading Docks


  • Storage Facilities
  • Retail
  • Fire Doors
  • Counter Windows


  • Counter Windows
  • Fire Doors
  • Loading Docks
  • Service Doors

Rolling Steel Types

Rolling Steel Service Door

Service Doors
(Insulated & Non-insulated)

Warehouses, loading docks, self-storage buildings, and mechanics can all utilized the steel roll-up door. These are environments that are tough on doors, inside and out. They are opened constantly throughout the day, get run into by trucks and forklifts, and are the workhorse of the operation. Rugged steel service doors are ideal for places that work hard.

Rolling Steel Fire Door

Fire Doors and Counter Shutters
(Automatic and Manual Resets)

Rolling steel fire doors provide a practical solution for safety and fire protection. They are designed to be drop-tested and reset in a matter of seconds. In an emergency, there won’t be time to pull on stuck doors. We are happy to offer automatic and manual resets on all our steel fire doors.

Rolling Steel Counter Shutter

Counter Shutters

Rolling counter shutters are designed for small windows, confined spaces, and smaller countertop openings. They are ideal for school cafeterias, snack shacks at the park, parts counters, and concession stands in stadiums. Counter shutters present many options to choose from, like colors and finishes. Choose the right door and finish to match your building and protect your inventory.

Rolling Steel Coiling Grille

Coiling Grilles

Protect your store or close off restricted areas with steel coiling grilles and shutters. They come in an array of attractive solutions for commercial and retail outlets. For all of your commercial roll-up door installation needs, contact the experts at the Door and Fence Store.

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