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Kelley, IA, is known for having one of the last working traditional phone booths in the state. At the Door and Fence Store, we ensure your garage doors and fences stand the test of time. We’re a garage door supplier in Kelley, IA, that sells a diverse selection of garage doors. Our inventory includes residential overhead garage doors that come in a variety of styles, such as traditional, carriage, and modern designs, and commercial doors with industrial-grade qualities. Our services don’t stop there. On top of our grand inventory selection for sale, we also provide garage door repair services, installations, and replacements. We’ll keep your garage doors functioning at their full potential so that you can reap the many benefits they offer. We also offer similar services for fences, providing you with lots of aid and ways to upgrade your properties. We’re a garage door supplier in Kelley, IA, that offers more than just doors for sale.  

Since 1976, the Door and Fence Store has been making sure that local residents and businesses in Ames and the Central Iowa area benefit from quality garage doors that satisfy needs and excel in operation. We generate great results by fixing you up with multifaceted and functional garage doors. Also, our experts provide a positive customer experience. Whether we’re helping you with the shopping process or keeping your garage doors and fences functional throughout the years, our team is here to help you in many ways. We’ll match you with a garage door that best suits your space aesthetically and functionally. We’ll remove the existing doors and install your new ones in their place. Additionally, we’ll return when issues arise to tend to broken cables, stripped gears, damaged panels, and doors that have fallen off their tracks.  

If you need assistance with some garage doors and fences in Kelley, IA, whether for personal or commercial property needs, contact the Door and Fence Store. 

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