Commercial Overhead Doors in Ames, IA

Get durable, long-lasting protection.

Commercial Overhead Garage Doors in Ames, IA

The Door and Fence Store has been the leader in commercial overhead door installation in Ames for over 45 years. We’re proud to be a local and family-owned company. Being part of the community allows us to know the needs of our customers, so we are certain to always give the best service. We offer the best balance of variety and price with our commercial overhead garage doors. We have designs and styles to fit all budgets and tastes. Click on any of the options below to learn more of what we can offer you from our leading manufacturer: C.H.I Overhead Doors. 

Insulated Sandwich Doors

Industrial overhead garage door installation is our bread and butter and what we know best. We’ve been doing it for a long time. Regardless of your specific application, C.H.I. offers a premium insulated door product guaranteed to deliver years of dependable operation. Insulated sandwich garage doors will keep your utility bills in check during the long Iowa winters and hot summers. Our micro-grooved models are constructed in a variety of gauges and insulations for those applications that demand the best in thermal efficiency and value. 

Ideal Applications

Ribbed Steel Pan & Pan Insulated Overhead Doors

Just because steel insulated garage doors promote function over form doesn’t mean that they can’t look great. These ribbed steel pan doors are a perfect combination of form and function. Strength and design come together to carefully craft our stamped carriage house doors. Shaped from steel and embossed with a wood grain finish, this series beautifully replicates the timeless look of carriage style doors while keeping your garage energy efficient.

Ideal Applications

Aluminum & Full View

For those who prefer a more contemporary look, our flush panels provide straight, clean lines for understated elegance, plain and simple. Make it easier for your team to see who is approaching with these sharp-looking see-through garage doors. Show the world how transparent your company is and stop hiding!

Ideal Applications

We install overhead doors for any kind of business.