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Garage Door Repair Ames Iowa

Garage doors don’t get the attention they probably should. They are durable and can take punishment, but they need some maintenance, just like anything else in your home or business. Overhead garage door repair might seem simple, but the pros at the Door and Fence Store know plenty of tricks that the average person doesn’t. So much can go wrong with an overhead garage door. When they do, call us for the best garage door repairs in Ames, Iowa.

Frozen Overhead Door

During winter, it isn’t uncommon for a door to freeze. Freezing temperatures, ice, and snow creep into the cracks, creases, and tracks of overhead doors and lock them in place. Dealing with a frozen door during a blizzard is a problem nobody wants. Resist the urge to try to close the door by yanking on it or pulling on the cord. You might free it, but it’s more likely you’ll damage it further. Don’t keep jamming the buttons either; all you’ll do is burn up the motor.

Broken Glass

Fixing broken glass is an important overhead garage door repair that should be handled by the professionals. Broken glass signals several things to the world, and a major one is, “This place is accessible.” Open or broken windows are a security issue and make the building vulnerable to thieves.

Noisy Garage Door

Commercial properties are usually noisy. You can eliminate some of the racket by fixing a loud garage door opener. If your facility has multiple doors opening and closing constantly, they will make a lot of noise. Improve the working environment in your facility by reducing the noise.

Faulty Garage Door Openers

When you press a button, you expect the door to respond accordingly. Automatic garage doors have a number of things that can go wrong. The problem could be loose wires, a faulty signal transfer, or contact problems.

Call the pros at the Door and Fence Store for all your garage door repairs in Ames, Iowa.

Common problems we repair:

Broken Spring

Safety Eyes

Remote Control

Broken Cables

Door off Track

Damaged Panels


Stripped Gears



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