Exterior Metal Doors With Glass

Doors provide multifunctional qualities. They function as a means to access certain spaces, divide areas, protect the indoors from the outdoors, and present first impressions. No matter the type of commercial space, from churches to residential buildings, functionality and style play an important factor in all aspects of the building’s design. A commercial metal door with glass does just that. They give you commercial-grade characteristics combined with a stylish component: a glass window. At the Door and Fence store, we offer quality exterior metal doors with glass in Ames, IA. Our collection of doors suits a wide range of uses and places, including hospitals, parking garages, hotels, and shopping centers. They make the perfect access point for spaces that require indoor-outdoor visuals.

The main body of our exterior metal doors with glass consists of strong steel, aluminum, and mixed-metal structures. They feature numerous practical qualities, from added durability and longevity to enhanced security, making them a great fit for any commercial space. They’ll ensure that your building stays secured, shut, and safe at the end of the day. Commercial metal doors with glass also withstand natural influences, remaining secure in rainstorms and other natural phenomena.

Unlike solid industrial doors, metal front doors with glass add a simplistic, stylish feature to the practicalities of a metal door. The metal door window breaks up the solid panel, providing different textures and visual appeal. With light streaming through the glass, the door’s visual factor further increases, making it more than just a boring moveable wall. Plus, it’s always nice to be able to peek outside from the window.

As an entrance piece, our doors make a good first impression while still keeping your property secured. If you are looking for a stylish, secure, and multifaceted door for your commercial building, check out the Door and Fence Store. Our exterior metal doors with glass in Ames, IA, will enhance your access points and upgrade your space. Once we’ve found the best door for you, our services don’t just stop there. We’ll help you install the door, no matter its size.