Metal Fireproof Door

A successful commercial space encourages productivity and makes everyone feel protected. With hazardous materials and electronics that could spark fire, it’s essential to implement prevention practices for a healthy workplace, such as metal fireproof doors.

Fires engulf everything in sight. The destructive flames produce toxic gases and black smoke that’s exceedingly harmful to the lungs. If a fire ignites, commercial spaces need high-quality materials to resist combustion and give employees time to exit safely.

Strengthen your space’s fire safety protocols by installing a steel fire-rated door from the Door and Fence Store. Along with a sprinkler system, evacuation routes, and luminescent exit signs, metal fireproof doors ensure workers and supplies stay safe during an erupted blaze. They withstand combustion for between 30 to 60 minutes. This temporary barrier holds back the flames for a prompt and unharmed exit.

As the fire burns behind the metal fire door, the durable material seals off any smoke from leaking into the room. The dangerous toxic fumes remain stagnant behind the stable fireproof structure to safeguard people and valuables within the space until firefighters arrive.

Metal Fireproof Door Installation

Implementing proper fire safety protects civilians, students, and employees from serious injuries and even fatalities. Guarantee the safety of your commercial space by implementing fire-rated metal doors at every entry point. The Door and Fence Store sells fire-rated metal doors that will equip your building with the necessary protection to meet mandated fire safety standards. These doors are suitable for hospitals, manufacturing facilities, storage buildings, and more!

We’ll pair you up with the right door, then provide an installation service. Our technicians will secure the new door in place, and ensure that it fits, functions, and seamlessly blends with the rest of your building. Check out our selection of metal fire doors to find the perfect door that’ll protect everyone during an unruly fire.