Metal Fire Doors

A successful commercial space creates a safe and healthy workplace. Minimizing various hazards and implementing prevention practices and preparation allows workers to focus on their job rather than potential dangers. One of the most crucial protection protocols to follow when operating and designing a commercial building is fire safety.

Fires possess a destructive characteristic, engulfing anything and everything in sight. On top of burning anything in its path, a sudden combustion also produces toxic gases and harmful, lingering smoke. Implementing proper fire safety essentials protects those within the premise from serious injuries and even fatalities.

Along with a sprinkler system, evacuation routes, and luminescent exit signs, metal fire doors ensure workers and supplies stay safe during an erupted blaze. They create a temporary barrier between you and the flames, allowing you to exit the building safely. Fireproof metal doors feature a unique design that allows them to withstand infernos for a set amount of time. They typically resist and withstand combustions for between 30 to 60 minutes, giving you plenty of time to escape and temporarily contain the spread until firefighters arrive. Metal fire doors also seal off any smoke from leaking into the room, protecting you and your valuables from toxic gases.

At the Door and Fence Store, we sell fire-rated metal doors that’ll equip your building with the necessary protection to create a safe space and meet mandated fire safety standards. They consist of a reliable and durable metallic material, creating strong and sturdy temporary fire blockades. As well as pairing you up with a quality steel fire door, we also provide installation services. We’ll help you secure your new door in place, ensuring that it fits, functions, and seamlessly blends with the rest of your building. Check out our selection of metal fire doors to find the perfect door that’ll protect you, your workers, and your valuables during an unruly blaze.