Roll-Up Fire Door

Flames have a mind of their own. They will destroy anything in their path. Save your property and keep people safe by installing roll-up fire doors. Overhead coiling fire doors provide a swift escape and hold off the spread of flames until the emergency services arrive. Whether it’s for residential or commercial purposes, choosing roll-up fire doors makes a huge difference when emergencies arise. At the Door and Fence Store, our professional team and our partners at C.H.I Overhead Doors give you the fire protection needed to safeguard lives and your property.

Fire Protection Mechanisms

Quality roll-up fire doors feature insulated structures that keep the heat from spreading flames. They include fire-rated materials that can last up to three hours against flames, holding off the fire long until help arrives.

Compared to regular doors, fire-rated roll-up doors cover larger entry and exit ways as well as store out of the way when opened, giving you enough room to exit with ease. They also offer impressive durability thanks to their heavy-duty composition. Rolling fire shutters help provide more control in emergencies by slowing down the spread of flames, keeping heat contained, and allowing people to exit with minimal obstructions.

Multiple Operation Options

A quick escape keeps you and others safe from burns, smoke inhalation, and other injuries. The beauty of overhead coiling fire doors is that they offer plenty of customizability, giving you many options for opening and sealing your spaces. Popular release systems for rolling fire doors include:

• Manual push-up operations

• Chain hosts

• Motorized mechanics

• Fail-safe releases

Our services help you install the best system for your needs.

Professional Installation

The Door and Fence Store won’t sell roll-up fire doors without offering our services to install the system. In order for the new door to function efficiently when it comes to mechanical operations and fire protection, you’ll need to hire installation experts for the job.

With over 45 years of experience in our many rolling door services, we ensure your doors are properly installed and functioning. In an emergency, the difference between a quality rolling fire door installation versus a failed or non-fire-rated door installation is life-changing.

Keep your property and others safe from the destruction of flames, and contact us today to get your roll-up fire door installed.