Rolling Service Door

Garage doors offer numerous functional benefits in a commercial space. They streamline the loading and unloading process, create large entry and exit access points, and offer many other practical enhancements. Rolling service doors provide facilities with one of the most secure and reliable types of industrial garage doors on the market.  

Unlike traditional variations, roll-up service doors eliminate additional decorative components, like windows or fancy paneling, and prioritize durability. Their metallic composition creates a strong and sturdy barrier that protects the interior from external influences, from burglaries to extreme temperatures to harsh weather conditions. The mitigated adornments and solid curtain of metal slates allow the door to bend and roll up, maximizing your ceiling space. The minimal ceiling interference provides the building with more room for lighting and emergency features, such as sprinklers. 


At Door and Fence, we sell rolling service doors specially designed to upgrade your workspace. There are several customizable features available, such as insulating and fire-resistant properties, to provide reliable protection and superior style. You’ll also enjoy the minimal maintenance requirements, simple operation, and functional access points to get the job done. 

Explore our selection of commercial rolling steel doors and enjoy the benefits of a reliable fit for your loading dock, warehouse, distribution center, and any other industrial space. Once we pair you up with the perfect rolling service door, we’ll lend you a hand with the installation process. At the Door and Fence Store, we offer more than just quality doors. We also provide services and installation, ensuring your door gets secured in place and operates optimally. 

Reasons Why Roll-Up Steel Doors Are Beneficial