The Benefits of Installing Insulated Sandwich Garage Doors

The Benefits of Installing Insulated Sandwich Garage Doors

The winter weather leaks cold air in through your garage, leaving the space feeling like an ice box! If you’re tired of freezing each time you step foot in your garage, you might want to consider installing insulated sandwich garage doors.

A sandwich has layers, and so do insulated sandwich garage doors! These layers of insulation provide many benefits that may interest you.

Stop Airflow

The average pan garage door is a single layer that continuously leaks air through the surface. In the winter, it makes the garage incredibly cold! Insulation is the answer to this issue.

A sandwich garage door is made with three layers that act as a strong barrier to the outdoors. The outer layer is steel, the middle layer is made from polystyrene insulation, and the final layer is a sheet of steel. With these sturdy layers of insulation, there won’t be any airflow.

Additional Durability

These durable layers provide additional protection to your garage. This steel-insulated garage door has the strength to withstand minor dents or damages to the surface. For example, maybe a car drives too close and bumps into the door. With these durable doors, you won’t worry about frequent repairs or replacements because they’re designed to last.

Energy Efficiency

Once you install your sandwich garage door, you’ll notice how the insulation helps lower your monthly energy consumption. Without insulation, the cold air in the garage leaks air into the rest of the building, leading you to turn up the heat and drive up energy bills.

A sandwich garage door will assist with this issue. Insulation stops the airflow from outside and leaves the interior at the desired temperature. With this, you don’t need to worry about constantly running your HVAC system to battle the outside weather. You’ll lower your monthly energy bills and help better the environment by being more energy efficient!

Reduction of Noisiness

When a garage door opens, you hear a clatter as the chain pulls the door upward. Insulation also acts as an additional cushion to reduce this noise. Due to this garage door’s incredible durability, the steel panels won’t clatter together, and the insulation will absorb much of the minimal noise created.

With all the benefits of an insulated sandwich garage door, you can have confidence your building is protected and functioning more efficiently than ever before!

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