Preventive Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial Garage Door

Keeping your commercial garage door in top condition keeps your company secure and employees safe, as a damaged door may fail to open or risk falling. By following preventive maintenance tips for your commercial garage door, you can prevent breakage.

How Do I Know It’s Broken?

An early sign of a broken garage door is that it’s suddenly hard to open—if the door seems heavy when you manually lift it, a spring may have broken. Additionally, if the door is making strange new sounds or seems louder than it once was, it most likely needs a repair.

How To Maintain It

You can maintain your garage door by evaluating it once a month and looking for areas that may need repair as some parts may need lubrication or replacement. As you inspect your commercial garage door, pay special attention to:

  • Horizontal and vertical tracks
  • Hinges
  • Lift cables

Additionally, you should keep on the lookout for signs of rust along steel tracks, ensure the insulation is still intact, and evaluate weather seals. 

Keep the Track Clear

Ensure the track that runs along the door remains clear of debris and rust, as both could damage the rollers since it applies further strain to the door.

Keep Moving Parts Lubricated

Experts recommend that you properly lubricate the various moving parts of your commercial garage door at least twice a year to ensure they move smoothly. Lubrication lessens the friction the moving pieces go through as your garage door opens and closes.

Keep Loose Bolts Tight

As your commercial garage door opens and shuts, vibrations occur along with it that may loosen blots in the hardware. When you inspect your door for damage, ensure you look at the framing and tighten any loose bolts.

Do a Balance Test

The final way to maintain your door and ensure it’s working correctly is to do a balance test on it. Open your door halfway to see if the door remains in place. If the door falls during the balance test, there’s a chance the spring tension is too weak; however, if it continues to rise the tension may be too strong. By testing your garage door’s balance, you make sure it’s not doing more work than it needs as an unbalanced door is harder to open and close.

Understanding preventative maintenance tips for your commercial garage door keeps it in top condition by ensuring safety and security. If your garage door shows signs of needing repair, contact an expert at The Door & Fence Store for your commercial roll-up door installation or commercial garage door repair to ensure a quality job. Keeping your garage door maintained with regular inspections allows you to see the signs of breakage early on, creating a safe work environment for everyone.

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