3 School Improvements That Increase Student Safety

3 School Improvements That Increase Student Safety

Anything can happen at a moment’s notice when you’re in a public environment. This is why it’s imperative to have a firm grasp on your security in an extensive facility. When dealing with a school, however, you’ll need levels of protection in place to ensure the highest safety for the children and teachers. Here are three school improvements that increase student safety that you can use in your school setting to make it as safe to attend as possible.

Organizing Perimeters

You will need to look at the big picture of your school setting and decide on what to start with as your outer perimeter of protection. Most schools have some fencing with security guards at the entrances who only allow approved individuals into the campus. This is your first level of security. The more vital you build your outer layer, the more you will deter unwanted guests from entering.

Physical Presence

The second layer will be the guards that watch and protect specific areas and school grounds. You will need guards at the gates, the commercial steel entry doors in certain areas of the buildings, and even some hall monitors. You will also need guards to patrol the grounds constantly. Putting these security guards in place will beef up the protection ten-fold with the initial fencing.

Protocol for Emergency

If you don’t have an emergency procedure in place, you will need one. If an emergency situation reaches a certain level, the building must be evacuated. Still, protocols should have tiers or levels for threats before reaching extreme solutions. You might have the building locked down as an initial precaution. Then, the security can make their rounds. The emergency protocol will depend on the situation. There could be multiple threats, so you’ll have to know the protocol for each one to keep the students and faculty safe. From weather, fires and explosions, disease, missing persons, and general crime, anything can happen at a moment’s notice.

These three school improvements that increase student safety will help improve the quality of your communities and the lives of the students and staff at your local schools within your district.

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