4 Exterior Improvements That Can Boost Your Curb Appeal

4 Exterior Improvements That Can Boost Your Curb Appeal

People love doing renovations because they allow them to express their inner creative side. If you don’t mind putting in the labor, you can take any home and make it look and feel like it is brand new with the right touch-ups and work.

Nothing is more satisfying than taking something old and weathered and making it look and feel like the day it was made. Here are four exterior improvements that can boost curb appeal and make your house a home.

Clean Things Up

Before you tear anything down or patch anything up, you’ll need to do a little bit of investigating to see what you have underneath all the dirt. If you’re planning to improve your home, power wash the siding lightly, and then scrub the porch and driveway with a high-pressure wash to get rid of all the deep grime.

You might be truly shocked and awed at what you find. This surprise will give you the blank canvas you need to start with instead of one that was dirty and dusty and skewed your view of what was underneath.

New Paint and Siding

After you’ve cleaned everything off and started fresh, you can tell what needs replacing and repairing. There’s no better place to start this than with the outer siding and the paint. By replacing the siding, you improve the look of your home and add years to its life, especially with a fresh coat of paint to seal the deal.

Lawn Care and Planting

You should cut back all of the hedges and get the lawn under control before you start envisioning what you want to do with it. If you gut everything and cut back all of the foliage, you’ll be able to see it for what it is.

At this point, you can figure out what to keep and toss. This moment is also a great opportunity to replant or plant new, more exciting plants in the yard that could add some real flair.

Doors and Windows

Because these are looked at and used more than anything else in the house, the windows and doors should be cared for. If you need to replace the windows, that’s okay.

They may only need to be resealed in place. However, the door might need an update unless you want to keep it for nostalgia, which is up to you. Reach out to your nearest garage door store to check hardware prices if you think you need the update to something more contemporary.

These are four exterior improvements that can boost curb appeal. While there may be many others, this is a great start to renovating any home, old or new.

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