Custom Options When Ordering a Wooden Fence

Custom Options When Ordering a Wooden Fence

A wooden fence your family and neighbors will adore. Something that’s unique and unlike any other fence on your street.

Your home needs a new fence, but you don’t want something standard or full. You want to stand out! Learn about the custom options to consider when ordering a wooden fence for your home.

Fence Height

Before ordering a fence, determine the desired height your house needs. At the Door and Fence store, our wooden fences are available in four-, five- and six-foot options.

When you want additional privacy, a six-foot-tall fence is ideal. But, if you have gorgeous scenery that extends past the fence that you would like visible, perhaps a four-foot fence is a better option.

Width of the Pickets

Wooden fences come in all different sizes. One feature to think about is the width of the wooden pickets. Typically, the widths start at 3½ inches wide and extend up to 11½ inches wide. Most of the time, the picket’s width lies around 6 inches.

When you’re looking to order a custom fence, keep this feature in mind. The width of the pickets makes more of a difference in the fence’s appearance than anticipated.

Top Rail

Every wooden fence needs horizontal rails to keep it sturdily installed in your backyard. These rails typically sit in increments of 24 inches of height. Instead of only using these rails where needed for the height of the fence, why not add them to the top as well?

A top rail secures the baluster. It can also add extra flair to the fence’s appearance and make the structure look complete.

Privacy Caps

Do you feel like you need a little extra privacy? Wooden fences are perfect for privacy. Adding a custom option when ordering your wooden fence, such as a privacy cap, makes it an even better choice!

Privacy caps are decorative additions that extend past the pickets. Homeowners love this feature because of its security and sleek style. Not only do privacy caps provide the protection you desire, but they also defend the wood’s quality. They defend the boards against the sun and potential cracks or splinters.


Have you seen fences with small posts on the top that elegantly enhance the fence’s appearance? Overlays are posts placed on the top of each section of the wooden panels. While they add more privacy, people know them better for their classic yet luxurious style. It makes your fence stand out from the others in the neighborhood.

When you’re looking for an Ames fence store, look no further than the Door and Fence Store. Every customization listed here is available to create your dream wooden fence. Feel protected and relaxed, and enjoy the outdoors with a brand-new customized fence!

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