Do Your Front Door and Garage Door Have To Match?

Do Your Front Door and Garage Door Have To Match?

As you pull into your driveway, the first thing you see is the exterior of the home—the landscaping, the porch, the shutters on the windows, the entry door, and the garage door. When you look at the exterior, does something feel out of place?

You realize what the problem is—your entry door and the garage door don’t fit well together. Whether the issue is with the color or the style, they just don’t complement one another.

Do your front door and garage door have to match to make your home look better?

The simple answer is no; your front door and garage door don’t need to match. However, having them match can lead to a more appealing and cohesive home exterior.

If you’ve made up your mind and need to create a matching front and garage door, here are some things to remember.

Matching Shapes and Styles

The styles of the front and garage doors should match one another, but they should also mesh with the current style of the home. Installing very modern doors on a rustic home might not be the best option.

Also, remember to consider the shapes of the windows on the doors you’re looking to buy. If the front door has semi-circle windows and a distinct glass design, it’s best to find a garage door that also has those features.

No matter the style you choose, remember to stay consistent. The goal is to match the front door and garage door. While they don’t have to be exact copies of one another, they need to have several similar characteristics.

Color Consistency

Another important feature is color consistency. Perhaps you decide you want a rustic, wooden garage door. If that’s the case, the wood stain for the entry door should match. The same concept applies if you want to paint the entry doors; if you choose a light gray entry door, try to paint the garage door to match!

Purchase Both Items From One Business

If you’re going to buy a garage door and front door, purchase both items from the same company. It’s best to stick with a supplier you trust to create high-quality products.

When you buy both doors from the same company, there’s a high probability the front door and garage door styles will match because of how the business designs its products. You can choose two new products that will seamlessly complete the exterior of your home.

There are many opportunities when replacing your entry and garage doors. Contact the Door and Fence Store to explore more options, and let us help you enhance the look of your home!

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