The Latest Tending Styles for Residential Fences

The Latest Tending Styles for Residential Fences

Trends are constantly coming and going. But when you want to install a fence for your home, you also need something reliable that’ll withstand several years of weathering. Continue reading about the latest trending styles for residential fences to see which design meets your needs!

Low Maintenance Fences

Families are busy with everyday responsibilities and have places to be. On a relaxing day off, the last thing you want to do is worry about maintenance for your house. That’s why easy-to-maintain fence styles have become popular recently.

When households can install a fence, it eases their minds if they don’t need to worry about having to care for their fence all the time. Vinyl and chain link fences are two great examples of charming, low-maintenance fence styles for homes. With their long-lasting capabilities and timeless designs, it’s easy to understand why families adore these fences.

Recycled Material Fences

These days, everyone is talking about being more environmentally friendly. One way to help the environment is to incorporate recycled materials into our daily practices.

Composite fencing is a combination of recycled wood and plastic and contains about 95 percent recycled materials. The plastic gives the fence strength, while the recycled wood creates a natural, attractive appearance.

Another popular style is steel fencing. Not only are steel fences made of recycled materials, but they’re also incredibly durable, lightweight, and easy to install. It requires minimal effort to introduce a steel fence to your backyard.

Our ornamental steel fencing at the Door and Fence Store contains 97 percent recycled materials. Its sustainable properties and elegant design make it one of the best options for residential fencing.

Fences With Lighting

Did you know more and more fences are incorporating lighting into their structures? Picture a gorgeous, modern wooden fence. At the top of the posts or the bottom of the fence, you can place small lights that illuminate the space.

More and more people are incorporating lighting into their fencing because it adds an attractive aesthetic while enhancing security measures. If you put lights at the base of the fence, you can have them on both the outside and inside portions. An illuminated backyard is ideal for all families and may even encourage you to go outside more often.

If you need a fence company near you, contact the Door and Fence Store to discuss installing the latest trending styles of residential fences!

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