Garage Door Tech: The Latest Advancements and What’s Ahead

Garage Door Tech: The Latest Advancements and What’s Ahead

It’s hard to remain in traditional ways of living when everything around us is advancing so quickly, pushing us further into the future. There have been many successful innovations that have come to homeownership, namely garage door technology. This technology is a vital part of our homes that we should invest in if we want our house to be at its very best.

The garage is the largest entryway into the home and often the most trafficked entry, for that matter. So, if you’re locking your garage doors and keeping things up as you should, you’re doing everyone a favor that lives nearby, keeping them protected.

As a passageway, it also means that this is a communal spot, so it holds a lot of weight as a central focal point of the house. It would only make sense that you would invest in it and make it as technologically advanced as possible to stay ahead of the technological curve. Here are some of the latest advancements and what’s ahead to gain some perspective on what you might do with your garage door if you’re in need of an upgrade.

Getting Connected

Believe it or not, the world is becoming more connected than ever before. The internet has provided the world with the ability to utilize its many skills, and one huge benefit is this connection. This means that you can hook up your home to your internet connection via smart technology.

Now you can make things easier on yourself to organize, schedule your energy usage, secure and unsecured items, provide security, and operate things hands-free through voice commands or instant commands from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Making a Smart Garage

Now that you’re well versed in integrating your home with smart technology to create a smart home, you can apply those same concepts to your garage. Smart garage builds are on the market and can be assembled easily.

With this kind of accessibility at your hands, you can do anything you can fathom with this technology, such as scheduled openings and closings, locking and security, and call-in operation via smartphones or tablets. The main mechanical components have the technology integrated into their system, ready for you to hook up as many alternative gadgets and additions as you see fit.

Operate Security Features

With your garage on its way to becoming linked to your smart home, you can set up voice commands or visual cues with cameras to identify you as you pull in your vehicle. This makes entry and exit easy to allow you to command the doors vocally or simply by showing your face to operate its basic functions. You can set up vocal passwords to allow entry as well. Lighting is another level of security that can be linked to the rest of your smart technology. Floodlights are popular for securing the perimeter of your house, so you don’t have to limit it to just your garage, but you will certainly want them in and around your garage for those late-night unexpected guests that might stop by.

Insulated Garage Doors

Many people fail to realize how much energy is wasted and lost through their garage each year from garage door installation that lacks insulation. Most people assume that when the garage has enough of its capacity filled, it will naturally insulate, but this could not be further from the truth. You will want to have your garage professionally insulated to keep it from remaining a dungeon year-round so that the heating and cooling can regulate at their best.

This is for the garage but also the entire house. If you’re trying to make your home “smart,” then you will need to have the ability to regulate your thermostat without things going up in smoke every summer and winter as the temperatures will be in the extremes.

Solar Garage Doors

A newer concept taking the world by storm is the solar garage door. With this system in place, solar panels are installed on the front-facing of the garage door to store electrical charge during the day to power your home. If you have an electric or hybrid vehicle, a solar garage door can also be used to charge your car after hours. This is something sure to be utilized shortly on a mass scale. The only caveat with this is that your house will need to be facing south in order to utilize most of the sun’s light exposure, as the panels will be on your garage doors instead of your roof.

Bluetooth Connectivity

When you’re completely out of range of your home, you can rely on Bluetooth compatibility to be integrated into most, if not all, of your smart devices at home, including your garage. With this technology, you can monitor and command your garage at your fingertips wherever you are. This is the peace of mind that many people dream of having, so investigate this feature if you want to know more about its specifications and how it works.

Wireless Wall Console

Another new idea to hit the market is to have a wireless interface for your garage. Imagine coming home only to realize that you forgot your remote to the garage. You look for your phone, and the battery is dead, and now you’re completely locked out of your house. Well, with a wireless wall console inserted into the sidewall of your garage, you can voice-activate it, punch in key codes, or get scanned to access your garage right as you’re pulling in. No more panicking about losing the garage door opener.

Trying to keep up with the latest advancements and what’s ahead for garage doors shouldn’t be too difficult, as most of the technology is driven through computers and the internet. It’s been made completely hands-free so that its interface will be as user-friendly as possible. It is especially easy to manage due to everything being interconnected and digital, meaning that it will be easy to diagnose. You can know instantly when something might go wrong with anything regarding your smart garage.

Garage Door Tech: The Latest Advancements and What’s Ahead

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