2022’s Top 4 Style Trends for Garage Doors

2022’s Top 4 Style Trends for Garage Doors

These days you can design your garage door to fit your needs, whether that means you need multiple entrances for your entourage, or you desire state-of-the-art with rustic flair.

Whatever your pleasure, there is sure to be something out there for everyone, and you get to choose what best complements your home. Check out the top four style trends for garage doors of 2022 to get yourself familiar with the landscape of what is possible. You might find exactly what you’re looking for.

Classic Wood

People have used wood for most of their home furnishings throughout the centuries, carving all kinds of elegant pieces from trees both local and far away. It is no surprise that this tradition carries on with garage doors, which can present an old-fashioned farmhouse feel or something more modern. You can choose to use just wood trim or go all out and have all-wooden garage doors. The choice is up to you!

Simple Panels

Some people like to keep things bold, while others like them simple and neat. There is nothing wrong with either option, but with simple panels, you can go for a subtle color with a nice finish of your choice that matches your home. This style is what you might see in most residential garage doors in our neck of the woods in Ames, IA, and elsewhere in the Midwest.

It’s a classic look, and one that’s open to lots of design variations. It will also be easy to upkeep as the paint and materials will be of minimal cost to you.

Elegant Glass

This is a new and unique take on what it means to have a garage door. Glass-paned doors are sleek and elegant, whether the entire door is glass or just a few well-placed panes.

It’s a relatively new concept to opt for so much transparency. The amount of things that are possible with this option is astounding.

You could have that greenhouse you always wanted with a door like this. Maybe you want extra lounge space, a den, or a game room with a full view of the outdoors. Imagine a mancave or home gym with all the light that this door will allow. There are no limits to glass.

Rustic Farmhouse

Going for that old-school farmhouse look? Then no doubt you know that this style is trendy right now. People love fixing up old traditional farmhouse-style homes, leaving as much intact as possible to maintain its conventional beauty.

You won’t be disappointed to find out that a brand-new garage door can be designed to look vintage and rustic but with all the durability of a modern door.

This guide has showcased the top four style trends for garage doors of 2022. Hopefully, now that you know what’s in style, you can find something that suits your taste and style.

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