A Guide To the Different Types of Garage Doors

Knowing and understanding the various garage doors, both residential and commercial, is a critical part of the selection process. Without it, you do not know all the options at your availability. Residential garage doors come in various styles, all of which add beautiful accents to a home. Moreover, there are various materials to use—each offering a different look—and various types of paneling. 

On the other hand, commercial garage doors come in various styles, each having a different purpose depending on its needs. By following a guide to the different types of garage doors, you’re sure to get the perfect door for your situation.

Residential Garage Doors

When selecting a residential garage door, there are many things to consider, such as material desired and door configuration; there are single bay doors, double doors, and more. Often, they are made from steel, aluminum, or even wood. Additionally, when you buy your garage door, decide what kind of opener you want—a chain drive or belt drive are the most common types, but other openers exist. 

Lastly, it would be best to decide whether you want a sectional door or a single panel; while a sectional garage door opens and closes by moving up and down, a single panel opens by swinging outward. The Door & Fence Store installs various garage door styles and allows you to view these different options on their website.

Traditional Raised-Panel

This garage door style, also known as “classic,” often gets recognized for its symmetrical rectangular panel. A traditional raised-panel garage door is well-liked because it opens upward rather than swinging out, creating a safety feature for a family-safe home. Lastly, due to its classic look, a traditional raised-panel door is timeless and perfectly accents any home.

When buying a traditional raised-panel, another aspect to keep in mind is whether you want it to have recessed or raised panels. A recessed panel will add to the traditional look, but a raised panel will add depth.

Carriage House

Home-owners could purchase a single bay or double depending on their design goals. However, they should keep in mind that carriage garage doors open either by swinging out or going up. Keep in mind that if your garage door swings out to open, it’ll need more room and becomes a potential danger, as it could hit someone or something while opening.

In addition to offering a unique opening-style, carriage-house garage doors are attractive to many because they offer a rustic, homey feel.


Those looking for a modern-style home should consider getting a contemporary garage door, as it often mixes elements of metal and glass. The combination of materials ensures your house stands out and boosts your curb appeal.

Often, this door style opens and closes by moving up and down like a traditional raised-panel door but can be installed as a single panel door, opening to the side.

As you look for a new garage door for your home, regardless of style, go to the Door & Fence Store for garage door installation if you’re located in the Ames, Iowa area. Our team of experts will ensure the door you choose is best suited for your home and that it is accurately installed, and we offer numerous styles at a fair price. 

Commercial Garage Doors

Just like residential garage doors, commercial garage doors come in various styles and materials. However, unlike residential garage doors, there’s often more to consider, as it serves a different purpose. Keeping the intent of a commercial garage door in mind during the selection process is critical to a business, directly impacting the one you choose. Do you want your garage door insulated or not? What kind of material do you want it made from?

Having answers to these questions before the installation process is critical, as it ensures you choose the appropriate door for your business. For example, in a warehouse, you likely want light and airflow, so choosing a door with windows is essential. The Door & Fence Store meets all your needs by installing commercial garage doors.

Overhead Doors

Of the many commercial garage doors, this is the most commonly selected and comes in manual and automatic. Its name is derived from the way it opens—it moves along a track to lift towards the ceiling. This door style comes in a variety of materials and has slats along it that create sections. Moreover, an overhead door can have windows, but this is not necessary.

Fire-Rated Doors

A fire-rated door, much like an overhead door, operates in the same manner and can open manually or with a motor. What differentiates the two is the fire-resistant material used for this specific door. Due to this difference, the latter is safer and often used in warehouses, distribution centers, and other similar locations that require high populations of employees.

Roll Up Doors

A roll-up door sets itself apart from both an overhead and fire-rated garage door in the fact that it’s thinner but more flexible. Often, they’re the best solution for wide openings, where the door may otherwise get caught or fail to open; moreover, this model is great for weather protection, as it can endure the elements.

Scissor Gates

Also referred to as security gates, this commercial garage door holds similarities to the others in that it’s typically made out of steel. However, unlike the other commercial garage doors, a security gate typically opens by sliding left to right and locks once closed. Moreover, it’s often used for security measures and has a second garage door behind it. Scissor doors come in various styles, ranging from solid metal to the gate-like appearance usually used by retail stores.

This guide to the different types of garage doors should give you a better sense of your options. There’s more you should know before buying a garage door, but if you prioritize quality, you can’t go wrong.

If you’re located around Ames, Iowa, you can count on The Door & Fence Store to help you choose a new garage door. We’ve been installing and servicing garage doors since 1976 and have the answers to all your questions. Contact us today!

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