Should You Get a Double Garage Door or 2 Single Doors?

Should You Get a Double Garage Door or 2 Single Doors?

An unexpected question might cross your mind as you’re constructing a house from scratch or renovating an outdated home: should you get a double garage door or two single doors? It’s an idea you might not have considered before. Garages are often the last feature homeowners think about during big home improvement projects. Nevertheless, it’s a valuable question to ponder.

The Benefits of Double Garage Doors

Double garage doors span the width of a two-car garage, presenting a single, wide opening rather than two separate entrances. These doors can range anywhere from 12 to 18 feet in width and offer a unified appearance to the home.

Enhanced Accessibility

Double garage doors offer unmatched convenience and accessibility, perfect for housing larger vehicles like SUVs, trucks, or vans. Their spacious design allows for easy movement, making parking and storage a breeze. This feature is particularly advantageous for homes with multiple or oversized vehicles, guaranteeing a seamless experience when navigating in and out of the garage.

Manageable Maintenance

Dealing with two separate doors isn’t a concern with double doors; a singular unit consolidates maintenance, tracking, and repairs. It’s a cost-effective method to keep up with maintenance.

The Potential Downsides of Double Garage Doors

Cost Implications

The structural modifications required to accommodate a larger door may lead to higher labor and material costs. Plus, the larger and heavier double doors often necessitate more powerful and, consequently, more expensive door openers, which increase the overall cost.

Operational Risk

A failed double door renders the entire garage inaccessible—creating inconveniences and a security risk to the house.

The Benefits of Two Single Garage Doors

Two single garage doors range from 8 to 10 feet in width each and accommodate individual vehicles. These doors operate independently of each other, offering a more segmented appearance to a home’s facade.

Enhanced Durability

Each door carries less weight in a dual single-door setup. Therefore, the machines endure less stress because they aren’t pulling as much during each cycle—decreasing wear and tear while extending the garage doors’ lifespans.

Additional Flexibility

The doors operate independently, so one door doesn’t hinder the other. This independence is advantageous for households with different schedules, allowing one vehicle to leave or enter without disturbing the other.

The Potential Downsides of Two Single Garage Doors

Inefficient Usage of Space

The division created by the center pillar necessary to support two separate doors can restrict the maneuverability of vehicles and equipment. This setup may complicate item storage or positioning large SUVs or trucks through the doorway, making it challenging to maximize the available garage space effectively.

Increased Maintenance Requirements

With two single garage doors, homeowners face the prospect of doubling their maintenance efforts. They possess individual sets of springs, openers, and tracks that require regular inspection, lubrication, and higher maintenance costs over time.

Deciding whether you should get a double garage door or two single doors isn’t always simple. Our garage door installation company will guide you through this decision if you’re still on the fence. The Door and Fence Store team dedicates itself to satisfying all its customers with garage doors that are functional and fashionable. Call us today for more information and professional support for the project.

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