Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Entry Door

The steel door on your commercial building helps protect the business. As a result, you want to keep it in good shape and make replacements as needed. After all, a damaged door won’t perform its function well. Take note of these signs it’s time to replace your entry door.

When a Door Is Hard To Open

If you find it hard to open or close the door, it’s time for a new one. Sometimes, this happens because the hinges sink or no longer work properly. If the door sticks when opened or closed, this is another sign it’s time for a replacement. A door that can’t open or close as it should no longer serves its purpose. Instead, it puts security at risk. So, replace your entry door.

When Exterior Door Damage Appears

When there’s damage to the door’s exterior, your business experiences harm differently. It becomes an eyesore and may even drive away customers. Extensive damage also weakens a door, which puts everyone inside at risk. Look over your door and search for dents and frame damage.

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When It’s Cracked

This has more of an effect than looks. Cracks that are on or along your commercial steel entry door could let air escape. Knowing this is important because one benefit to steel entry doors is that they control temperatures inside the building better. So, when your door has cracks, it no longer serves one of its prime functions.

When You Have a Rusted Door

Rust is another sign it’s time to replace your entry door because, once it’s on the outside of the door, the core has already rusted. And once the core corrodes, your rusted door is no longer sound.

Recognizing when you need to replace your steel entry door will benefit your business. A damaged door may drive customers away, become a safety concern or jeopardize security. By regularly maintaining and evaluating your door for these signs, you keep things running smoothly. Contact the experts at the Door and Fence Store for an expert evaluation or installation!

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