Ways To Improve Your Commercial Building’s Security

Whether your commercial property is for renters or workers, you need a security plan. This goes beyond protecting your investment; it keeps everyone associated with the business safe. Luckily, there are many ways to improve your commercial building’s security.

Install Security Cameras

Security cameras are a great way to know what’s happening on the property at all times. Even better, you can check on your building 24/7 and don’t need to hire various security guards. Sometimes, you can even access the systems from a phone or computer. Security cameras also help you catch anyone trying to break into or vandalize your property.

Another Option: CCTV

Many business owners still use CCTV cameras—they’re cheaper and easy to install. They also get the job done and records intruders. But the recording quality isn’t as high as a security camera’s, so catching the vandal could prove a bit difficult. Either way, installing some sort of surveillance system will improve your commercial building security.

Look for Weak Spots

Checking the property for weak spots is another way to improve your commercial building’s security. Pay special attention to:

  • Doors and windows
  • Lighting 
  • Parking locations

Replacing your entry doors and securing windows will keep the building safe. For example, insulated roll-up garage doors increase a building’s security due to their durability. The Door and Fence Store does commercial roll-up door installation in the Ames, Iowa, area, so you can improve your commercial garage door security!

Why Lighting Matters

Security experts recommend improving outdoor lighting whenever possible. When an area has dim lighting, vandals have an easier time spotting an opportunity. Prevent this by keeping the area well-illuminated at night. Some property owners recommend motion-detecting lights since they turn on whenever people are around.

Why Parking Locations Matter

It’s easy to overlook parking when considering security threats. But good parking keeps everyone associated with your business safe. Walking to the car at night can be dangerous after all.

Try to offer parking that’s close to the building. Employee safety should be a priority, so install security cameras and bright lighting in the parking lot as well. 

Check for Cyber Attacks

Your security system goes beyond the physical. We now live in a digital world, and a plethora of information sits on your computer. Regularly check for viruses and phishing attempts to decrease the risk of cyber-attack on your security system.

Install an Alarm System

Entry door security matters. When you purchase an alarm system, place monitors at all entry points. Motion triggers these alarms, so if someone tries breaking in, the sensor will go off. Since these alarms are loud, everyone will know about the breach. This makes it easier to catch the intruder.

Most property owners take various measures to further deter vandals and thieves, including installing fencing around their properties. Check out The Door and Fence Store and upgrade your building’s security with new doors and fencing! Keeping your property secure with these commercial security tips is important to everyone inside.

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