Steel Doors: The Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly Choice

Steel Doors: The Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly Choice

Many people are shocked to hear that steel is one of the best environmentally friendly materials out there. There’s so much excess metal in the world that you’re helping to recycle, reuse, and renew materials that might otherwise never get used at all by choosing steel. So, if you’re in the market for the energy-efficient and eco-friendly choice, then look no further than steel doors.

Made for Efficiency

Several things make commercial steel entry doors unique that many people are unaware of. Namely, the steel panels from the internal and external portions of the door never actually touch. A foam centerpiece divides the two sides and insulates to keep the heat in and the cold out. This component enhances what is already a great door.

Super Air-Tight

Another bonus of steel doors is their sealing mechanism. The door’s heavy weight is already a great force to lock it in place, but the weathertight stripping truly seals it. Additionally, you can make any door self-closing to ensure no entryways are left open.

This stripping is made of magnetic metals that lock in place with one another, creating an airtight seal. Unlike most commercial doors that rely on adhesive or rubber to grip the ground, steel doors rely on magnetism.


Lastly, steel is a great resource that people outside of the construction industry should use more often. Most components in the steel-making process come from recycled metals. This makes it an eco-friendly choice in construction, as it leaves a very small ecological footprint. The material is also natural, so there’s no need to worry about adding to greenhouse gases or burning excessive chemicals during production.

If you’re looking for something energy efficient that is also eco-friendly, then commercial steel doors might be the best choice. Try for yourself to see the value and quality that they can provide.

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