The Best Garage Door Styles for More Modern Homes

The Best Garage Door Styles for More Modern Homes

Garages might be a mess on the inside, but they don’t have to look rugged on the outside. Modern homes prioritize clean appearances. Perhaps it’s finally time for an upgrade!

Modern homes will benefit immensely from one of the best garage door styles listed below. You’re sure to find an option to suit your home’s design and appease your personal preferences.

Doors With Subtle Horizontal Planks

Most garages have uniform panels and may have a line of windows at the top. Modern homes have sleek horizontal lines. A garage with the right look can highlight other alluring architectural elements while elongating the home’s façade.

Some of the best garage door styles for more modern homes are those with subtle horizontal planks. The planks resemble hardwood floors, but without the hassle of maintenance. This is because the door features steel with insulated properties.

Sleek Frameless Garage Doors

Another contemporary garage door with a horizontal-paneled design is a frameless door. It’s a blend of steel panels and tinted glass. The glass is in the center of the door, while the steel panels fill in the rest of the space.

Frameless garage doors establish a moody aesthetic. They’re ideal for black, white, and gray home exteriors because they enhance the neutral palette.

Full-View Garages

Modern homes don’t only value clean lines and horizontal composition. They also yearn for several natural light sources.

Full-view garages have aluminum frames. Instead of the metal panels, they have rows of windows.

There are plenty of glass options and aluminum colors to choose from. You can get a black-framed garage with frosted glass or a tan-framed door with tinted glass. The incredible customization options help you conceive the best contemporary garage door possible.

Garage Doors With Side Windows

Garage door windows aren’t features that only belong at the top or center of the door. Many contemporary garage doors have windows along the left or right side.

The design effortlessly matches several modern exterior arrangements. The enhanced geometric design is perfect for a polished, simplistic presentation.

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