The Pros and Cons of Garage Door Windows

A sage green house facing its driveway with two beige garage doors with arched windows along their top panels.

When you’re considering making updates or changes to your home, the garage door might not be the first area that comes to mind. However, the addition of windows to a garage door can improve its curb appeal and usefulness. Homeowners should carefully weigh the benefits and potential drawbacks before deciding to make this upgrade. We’ll outline some of the main pros and cons of installing a garage door with windows.

Pro: Lets in Natural Light

One of the most significant advantages of having windows in your garage door is the introduction of natural light. Whether you use your garage for parking and storage or as a full-fledged living space, the extra light can make the space more welcoming and pleasant. It also reduces the need for artificial lighting, potentially lowering energy costs.

Con: Less Privacy

A concern some homeowners have about garage door windows is decreased privacy. Depending on their size, placement, and design, the windows could allow neighbors and those driving by to catch a glimpse into your garage. However, most garage windows are placed along the top panel, so they’re not in the line of sight for most people. Some residential garage door installers also carry tinted or frosted window options for more security.

Pro: Customizable Designs

You may be surprised to discover how many garage door window designs consumers have to choose from. Homeowners can choose from various sizes and arrangements to complement their homes’ architectural styles. Some popular styles include square, rectangular, and arched windows along the top panel or side of the door. These are all excellent ways to personalize the look of your home’s exterior and stand out in the neighborhood.

Con: Potential Breakage

Homeowners should remember that garage door windows can crack or shatter just like any other house window. Simple accidents or inclement weather can present a risk of broken glass around your garage. This will not only require costly repairs or replacements but also temporarily compromise the security of your garage. To minimize the risk of breakage, opt for tempered glass if it’s available.

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