Tips To Help Keep Your Garage Cool In the Summer

A hot, sweat-inducing garage is anything but desirable in the dog days of summer, especially when that heat creeps into your home. Your garage is more than a storage space—some people do woodworking there, while others use it as a workout space. Take steps to cool your garage down and keep out the unbearable heat!

Think About Time of Day

When you’re watching the weather channel and see that it’ll be a hot day, make sure you open your garage in the morning. By partially or fully opening your door, you prevent heat from remaining trapped inside. Likewise, if your garage has windows, keep them open during the day so that air can circulate.

Install a Fan

Consider installing a ceiling fan or two in the garage—this promotes air circulation and keeps the temperature comfortable. If you use portable fans, position them by any windows or the garage door opening, and angle them to blow air out.

While this tip to help keep your garage cool in the summer won’t make your garage cooler than the temperature outside, it will promote airflow and keep temperatures comfortable.

Park Outside

Keep your car outside if you just got back from work or the store. Parking in the garage immediately after using your car causes the space to heat up because your vehicle emits heat after you drive it. On an already hot day, this transforms your garage into a sauna.

Insulate Your Garage

Insulate your garage’s walls, ceiling, and door. Certain materials, such as wood, provide natural insulation.

As you start insulating your garage, ensure you have weather stripping along the door frame. Remember to take care of this strip as you maintain your garage door to prevent it from cracking—cracked weather stripping can’t do its job and will need replacement. If you’re in the Ames, Iowa, area and need repairs on your garage door, call an expert at The Door and Fence Store.

Why Keep the Garage Cool?

So why should you keep your garage cool? After all, not everyone uses it as a living space, home gym, or workshop. Finding tips to help keep your garage cool in the summer is vital because most people store items in their garage. If it gets too hot, the heat could ruin anything you store there, such as paint or gardening supplies.

As summer approaches, make sure you keep your garage cool. No one likes a stuffy space, so whether you decide to insulate your garage or leave the door open when you’re home, it’s time to start lowering temperatures.

Contact the experts at The Door & Fence Store for garage door installation if you’re looking to insulate your garage better and boost your curb appeal this summer!

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