Ways You Can Make Your Commercial Garage Fire Resistant

Ways You Can Make Your Commercial Garage Fire Resistant

Commercial garages are hubs of busy employees and boisterous machinery. However, there’s always a chance that a fire could erupt amidst the busyness. It’s vital to implement fire safety precautions to protect all personnel from harm. Here are some ways you can make your commercial garage fire resistant.

Properly Store Combustible and Flammable Materials

One of the most effective ways to prevent fires in commercial garages is to store all combustible and flammable materials. For instance, keep gasoline, solvents, and combustible liquids in labeled containers. Also, store oily rags should be stored in fire-resistant cabinets away from these liquids.

Implement Fire Suppression Systems

Fire suppression systems work by automatically releasing fire-extinguishing agents after detecting a fire. Consider these systems for your commercial garage:

Water sprinkler systems are one of the most common fire suppressants. They activate when detecting a significant increase in temperature, releasing water from the ceiling to extinguish the flames.

A clean agent system extinguishes fire by releasing a gas that inhibits the chemical reaction causing a fire. For areas with valuable or sensitive equipment, you might consider a CO2 system that suppresses fire without leaving residue that could damage machinery.

Establish Exit Strategies

Your commercial garage needs clearly defined exits. Posting emergency exit signs and keeping all pathways unobstructed can save precious time when evacuating the premises during an emergency. You should also do fire drills so that employees can review evacuation procedures. Straightforward exit strategies will ensure everyone can exit the building swiftly in case of a fire.

Conduct Regular Electrical Inspections

Flames can spark due to electrical complications, which are among the most common fire sources in commercial facilities. Hire an electrician to inspect your facility’s electrical panel for problem areas that could overheat or corrode. Similarly, examine all wiring for signs of damage. Don’t overlook outlets and switches! They can also create electrical sparks if faulty.

Lastly, don’t forget to examine electrical machinery! Make sure they are grounded to prevent electrical shock or fire hazards.

Install a Roll-Up Fire Door

Roll-up fire doors enhance fire safety in commercial settings. They consist of fire-resistant steel that withstands high temperatures and prevents the spread of fires. They can contain a fire and give employees more time to evacuate the building.

These doors are designed with an automatic closing system. In the event of a fire, these doors will close after an alert from a smoke detector, a heat sensor, or a centralized fire alarm system. This automated response can prevent the rapid spread of fire and smoke throughout a building.

If you’re ready to make your commercial garage more fire-resistant, choose the roll-up fire door from The Door and Fence Store. They have manual push-up features, chain hoists, and incredible insulating properties. If an accident occurs at your facility, you can protect your team with a fire-rated garage door.

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