What To Know About Choosing Doors for a Loading Dock

What To Know About Choosing Doors for a Loading Dock

Business owners and managers succeed with efficient technology and tools to maximize productivity. Garage doors are crucial for manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and truck terminals. The loading dock doors allow countless facilities to conduct business. Read about what you should know when choosing doors for a loading dock.

A Dependable Door That Can Withstand Steady Cycles

Loading docks are busy. The loading dock door opens, employees load or unload products, and the door closes. This process repeats every day, so you need a high-quality door you can count on. Industrial overhead doors are ideal for any facility with a loading dock. They can endure at least 10 cycles a day and last around 20 years, even with frequent usage.

The Right Door Size To Accommodate Trucks and Merchandise

Not all loading docks are the same, and loading dock doors come in many sizes. Can the loading bay accommodate the products you ship and receive? The doorway should accommodate both the merchandise and the trucks pulling up to the dock. Measure the doorway to determine the ideal dimensions for your loading dock doors.

A Well-Insulated Door

Insulation is another component to consider when choosing your new loading dock doors. The loading dock doors will open and close frequently, so the airflow will affect your facility’s interior temperature.

The best way to maintain the temperature of your loading dock is to install insulated steel garage doors. The R-values range from R-10.29 to R-26.98. As the door closes, the insulation prevents cold or hot air from influencing the indoor environment.

A Fire-Rated Door

A fire-rated door is an additional layer of protection for your loading dock door. Strong steel doors won’t combust or fuel flames. Your employees will have ample time to seek a safe location outside the facility while the doors contain the blaze.

The Door and Fence Store will ensure your facility is taken care of. Browse our selection of commercial doors to find your ideal loading dock doors!

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