5 Important Features To Look For in Secure Entry Doors

5 Important Features To Look For in Secure Entry Doors

The entry door is the first line of defense. Without incredibly strong materials or a thoughtful design, your facility will be in danger.

It doesn’t matter if you run a warehouse, bank, hospital, education facility, or sports arena. You must look for these five important features in secure entry doors.

High-Quality Steel Doors

Steel doors indisputably outperform their counterparts when it comes to security aspects. Unlike wood and other metals, steel doesn’t crack, warp, or chip over time.

Their inherent strength poses a formidable barrier to any potential intruders. Its resilience makes it resistant to forcible entry, including attempts at drilling or kicking down the door.

Fortified Door Frame

A highly durable door isn’t secure without a reinforced door frame. For maximum security, you will want to install a frame made of steel.

Steel isn’t susceptible to termite damage or rot like the average wooden frame. Not to mention, it’s the second strongest metal on the planet. As the door and door frame function in conjunction, it will be nearly impossible for threats to break in.

Reliable Locking Mechanism

Choosing the right locking mechanism can significantly amplify the security level of your entry doors. High-security deadbolt locks with complex pin configurations are also a reliable choice. They are resistant to lock bumping or picking, providing a robust layer of security to your door.

Another option is smart locks. You can control them remotely through an application for enhanced convenience. You can monitor the door and control the locking mechanism from anywhere when necessary.

Reinforced Glass

Most glass doors provide an easy way for criminals to break into facilities. After smashing the glass, the door handle becomes easily accessible.

Metal security doors often include glass components for aesthetics. It allows natural light to flow in the building and breaks up the solid sturdy panel. However, manufacturers typically reinforce this glass to keep up with the metal door’s resilience.

Laminated glass consists of two or more layers of glass, sandwiching a robust, plastic interlayer. The interlayer holds the layers of glass together to prevent shattering upon impact.

Another technique is the use of tempered glass. The glass undergoes a heat treatment process to enhance its strength; this process involves subjecting the glass to high temperatures followed by rapid cooling to create glass that’s durable and resistant to breakage.

Fire Rating

Facilities are always at risk of sparking fires and destroying everything in their path. A fire can happen in a warehouse, an apartment complex, or a hospital facility. People can suffer from burns and smoke inhalation, while the building endures equally significant damage.

Manufacturers designed these doors to combat combustion for 30 to 60 minutes. Installing a fire-rated metal door is a great way to prevent the rapid spread of flames and smoke, minimize damage, and give everyone more time to evacuate.

High-quality commercial doors for exteriors are hard to come by. That’s why the Door and Fence Store only offers the best of the best for your facility. Each of the five important features to look for in secure entry doors is readily available with our incredible selection. Call or visit us in-store or online to learn more about what we provide to ensure you receive the ultimate effective design.

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