Guidelines for Choosing the Perfect Garage Door Color

Guidelines for Choosing the Perfect Garage Door Color

The garage door is an overlooked element of homes. Many homeowners pick simple garage door shades without giving them a second thought.

It’s time to make your home stand out on the block. Follow these guidelines to choose the perfect garage door color for your one-of-a-kind home.

Complement the Existing Color Palette

Homeowners often decide to match the front door and garage door. It’s a brilliant approach to establishing a cohesive exterior. Just remember that it’s not your only option.

You can also choose to complement the home’s color palette. Whether the house is a contemporary array of achromatic tones or a rustic collection of browns and reds, you can select the shade that best enhances the existing color scheme.

Assess the Architectural Design

Color can be a powerful tool to enhance or modify the perceived shape of your home. Bright colors can make your garage door appear larger and become a focal point of the home’s façade. Conversely, darker or more muted colors can make your garage door blend seamlessly into the rest of the house for a unified look.

That’s why understanding the architectural style of your home is significant in determining the most suitable garage color. Classic styles, such as colonial or Victorian, typically feature more traditional colors like white, beige, and dark brown. Contemporary homes may benefit from bolder color choices like baby blue or red. A sleek and subtle shade like gray or black can also work well.

Consider the Climate

Weather conditions in your area can significantly impact your garage door’s color over time. If you live in an area with intense sunlight, darker shades will fade quicker than lighter ones.

Furthermore, regions will frequent heavy rainfall or snow are likely to cause dirt and grime accumulation on lighter garage doors. Darker colors may be more suitable to disguise these imperfections.

Be Bold and Timeless

While the garage’s color should complement the exterior, don’t be afraid to choose something bold yet timeless. You don’t want to become tired of the shade within a few years.

Your chosen shade should be something you love that’ll weather the years. Colors like navy blue, burgundy, terra cotta, cherry red, and olive green are lovely options that can effortlessly elevate curb appeal without losing their charm.

The guidelines for choosing the perfect garage door color bring you one step closer to picking a new garage door in your desired color. Every feature that you desire is possible when you hire the Door and Fence Store. Take a look at the incredibly durable garage doors, unique designs, and wide array of shades that are sure to suit your stunning home.

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