5 Questions To Help You Choose the Best Garage Door Style

5 Questions To Help You Choose the Best Garage Door Style

The right garage door influences your entire home’s outward appearance. It’s a feature that shouldn’t be chosen quickly. There are some important questions to ask that will help you choose the best garage door for your family.

What Type of Material Do You Like the Most?

Perhaps you don’t know much about the materials and are more concerned about the overall appearance of the door. The materials have an impact on the style of garage door you choose. Two of the most popular materials are wood and steel.

Wood is always an aesthetic choice because of its timeless appearance. It can offer more stylistic and customizable options that will never go out of fashion.

Steel is a more modern-looking material that’s very durable. Steel garage doors require little to no maintenance and are one of the safest doors to install for homes.

Should the Garage Match the Front Door?

Homes look their best on the outside when each exterior design complements one other. While front doors and garage doors don’t need to match, this is an important question to consider when choosing a garage door style.

If you have your dream front door, consider choosing a similar style for the garage will ensure everything matches. Your desire for a cohesive design will be a driving factor when making this decision. The outward appearance of your home is quite important, and the features should mesh well together.

Which Style Do You Prefer?

Everyone has a personal style and preferences when it comes to designing their home. The goal is to research various options to find a complementary style you love.

Traditional garage doors come in various styles, but there are common styles that you’ll see on most homes. These classic paneled doors offer many customizable opportunities to make the door your own.

Contemporary garage doors use sleek steel panels or wooden plank boards to create a modern design.

Carriage-style doors are composed of high-quality wood and feature a rustic appearance and iron accents. While this style does boast an antique appearance, it can still enhance a modern home.

Do You Want Windows?

If you’re not a fan of windows, don’t worry. There are garage doors without them! Most traditional garage doors have windows that run across the top panel. Windows add a little extra character to classic doors.

If you adore windows and an open concept, consider continuing that theme throughout the garage! A full-view garage door allows the windows to act as panels because they sit within an aluminum frame. You can fully see outside from the comfort of your garage with this style of door. These types of doors are modern and sleek features that are uncommon in many homes.

Do You Need an Insulated Garage Door?

Insulation helps keep the garage warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Some garage doors are installed with insulation, while others aren’t. You can typically add insulation to the backside of the doors if you later decide it’s a feature you want.

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