Rolling Steel Doors vs. Sectional Doors: Which To Choose?

Rolling Steel Doors vs. Sectional Doors: Which To Choose?

Whether a commercial facility or a residential home, every building should take safety precautions to protect what’s inside. It’s vital to safeguard belongings or merchandise at all times.

It’s time to add extra protection to your home or business. There are garage doors available that help to give you all the features you need to keep everything you own safe. Continue reading to learn more about all about rolling steel doors, sectional doors, and which one you should choose!

Rolling Steel Doors

Rolling steel doors are commonly referred to as roll-up doors. You’ll typically find rolling steel doors installed in commercial settings. These include industrial facilities, retail centers, medical buildings, government facilities, parking garages, and any areas with large openings that need covering. Their durable and secure properties make them ideal for a variety of commercial endeavors.

Security Benefits

When you need something new that’s safe and secure, a rolling steel door will always keep the building safe. The steel’s heavy-duty properties make it challenging for intruders or dangerous weather conditions to break through the surface.

In addition to the steel’s durable quality, you can also install locking features whenever the door isn’t in use. This further protects the warehouse and the people from potentially dangerous exterior threats. As the days go by, you can always rest assured that your facility is always safe.

Roll-Up Fire Door

Some roll-up doors are fireproof! They act as a physical fire barrier to protect from spreading fire. They’re ideal for locations like multipurpose warehouses, banks, car dealerships, and any other locations where it’s essential to block the travel of flames and smoke in a facility. If your business requires extra security and safety, a roll-up fire door is a necessary addition!

Available Space

Maximizing space is the goal of commercial buildings. When you’re paying for a work facility that’s frequently used, you want to get the most out of your purchase and the space. You won’t have to worry about it blocking any lights on the ceiling because although steel rolling doors open vertically, they wrap around themselves. The design creates additional headroom, which allows you to maximize the space of the room.

Choosing a Door Size

Before choosing a roll-up door, you should first measure the dimensions of the entryway. Some larger or uniquely sized openings might require a customized fit. This is one of the best options because it ensures that your door is just the right size to accommodate and protect your facility.

Maintenance Requirements

Frequent use of a steel roll-up door won’t affect its durable quality. It requires little to no maintenance after it’s installed. There are no exposed moving parts or need for greasing the various materials.

It won’t take more than 1 hour to quickly repair any issue. With such minimal maintenance required for a durable door like this, it’s easy to see why rolling steel doors can last up to 30 years!

Sectional Doors

Sectional doors are another garage door alternative that’s most commonly found in residential areas. You’ll notice the cost of sectional doors is less than rolling steel doors, which makes them an appealing choice. They’re available in a variety of materials, including steel, wood, fiberglass, vinyl, and aluminum. Each one is durable and will protect your home or business sufficiently.

Electric or Manual Operation

Sectional doors operate through high-tension springs and cables that run along a vertical track. As the garage door rises in the air, it will sit alongside the ceiling until closing the door.

Unlike rolling steel doors, sectional garage doors have two options: electric or manual operation. Manual garage doors are a more budget-friendly alternative with a simpler installation process—and they will always work even if the power goes out.

Electric is the most popular option by far because of its convenience. With the simple press of a button, the door will open and close. The electric operation also provides additional security features that are necessary for both homes and businesses.

Security Benefits

No matter the weather or an attempted break-in, sectional doors provide satisfactory protection for your garage. You can also install a security system to enhance the building’s preservation.

Sectional doors have more parts exposed to the surface than roll-up doors. This makes them somewhat more susceptible to being compromised. Overall, the quality speaks for itself; you can feel safe using a sectional door for your business or home.

Available Space

The doors are made up of about 6 to 8 panels connected by hinges. As the garage opens and closes, it follows the track and sits parallel to the ceiling of the garage. The ceiling or roofing must support the weight of the door as it rests on the horizontal track.

Sectional doors take up more ceiling space than rolling steel doors. Before choosing one, consider the items the door might block on the ceiling—this includes lights, sprinklers, or vents. Smaller garages might face more challenges in maximizing the space with this type of door.

Choosing a Door Size

Just like rolling steel doors, sectional doors can also customize their size. Not every garage is made the same! With a wide array of dimensions and shapes to choose from, sectional doors are a popular choice.

Maintenance Requirements

There are many moving parts of sectional doors. Hinges and panels are more likely to break. In comparison to roll-up doors, sectional doors face more mechanical complications. It’s incredibly easy to fix any damages, but you might encounter obstacles and repair costs more frequently.

Which Should You Choose?

Now you’re asking yourself which type of door you should choose. The answer depends on the type of building you need to protect and each door’s individual qualities.

If you’re simply searching for something to protect your home, sectional doors are an amazing option, as they’ll last from 15 to 30 years. While you may experience some costly repairs over the garage door’s life, you can always trust your home is safe and sound.

Overall, rolling steel doors are the best choice for businesses. They provide a double layer and have fewer parts exposed to the surface. When searching for durability and security, roll-up doors are ideal for business purposes.

Choosing between a rolling steel door and a sectional door isn’t an easy decision. They both have incredible characteristics you can trust. In the long run, the exceptional quality of rolling steel doors will always keep your facility safe throughout years of wear and tear.

Rolling Steel Doors vs. Sectional Doors: Which To Choose?

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