A Homeowner’s Guide to the Types of Residential Fences

A Homeowner’s Guide to the Types of Residential Fences

Fences don’t have to be an eyesore. Think about them as the perfect accessory to complete your home’s design. Every homeowner can benefit from adding a fence to their backyard; it’ll develop a new aesthetic and better protect their loved ones. There are many types of residential fences, like chain-link, wood, or privacy, so you can find the right one for your yard.

Whether you’re looking to change up your preexisting fencing or add something entirely new to your backyard, learn more with a homeowner’s guide to the types of residential fences.

Consider These Factors Before Installing a Fence

Each neighborhood has rules in place regarding outdoor home alterations. Ensure that any changes you make comply with your neighborhood’s guidelines.

Research the property line of your home so you can accurately install the fence within your property. You don’t want to accidentally install fencing on your neighbor’s land.

Consider how you’ll place the fencing around your preexisting landscaping. Whether arranged in the backyard or front yard, you’ll most likely want to preserve your landscape design even after a fence installation.

Always remember the top two features to consider when searching for your new fence: durability and appearance—something that won’t wear down over time and that compliments the home’s design.

Wooden Fence

If you’re looking for something that’s natural and durable, there are a few different types of wood fences for backyards. Installing a wooden fence might be the perfect addition to your house. The timeless, classic fencing can vary depending on the type of wood you choose. Our low-density cedar wood fences at the Door and Fence Store are perfect for that classic wooden fence look. You won’t need to worry about the material deteriorating quickly; compared to other woods, cedar wood is less likely to warp over time.

Cedar wood fences will need minimal general maintenance. If any dirt or stains appear on the wood, you can scrub them away with a brush, then rinse with water. It’s always a great idea to apply a waterproof sealer after to prevent splintering. 


There are various style options for this durable cedar wood fencing. You can add character by installing small designs at the top railing of the fence, such as a lattice top or an overlay.

Perhaps, instead of the classic vertical wooden fence, you’d like to try something new! Try a horizontal board wooden fence. This type of fence will be unique and add extra privacy to your backyard. No matter which fencing style you choose, the durability of our cedar wood won’t be compromised!


When choosing between the types of backyard fences, consider how much privacy you’d like for your home. For wooden picket fences, simply measure the spacing between the boards. There are different types of picket fences, and the spacing between the pickets determines the amount of privacy you’ll have. The further away each picket rests, the less privacy you will have. 

Chain-Link Fence

Another option is to install a chain-link fence. Chain-link fences are made from steel and are available in different colors to suit your needs, such as brown, green, and black. This sturdy fencing is a great, low-cost alternative to incorporate into your home’s landscaping.

The woven material forms a diamond pattern with open holes that allow you to see past the parameters of your backyard. Perhaps you have a garden within your backyard that needs sunlight? Unlike a wooden fence, a chain-link fence will allow more sunlight to beam down into your backyard.

Because of their open-weave design, chain-link fences will allow you and any passerby to see through your fence and into your backyard. These may not be the ultimate fences for privacy, but they are wonderful options if you have pets and children who like to play outside the parameters of your yard. You’ll be able to easily keep an eye on them, see past the limits of your backyard, and, overall, have a lovely view to enjoy.

Ornamental Steel Fence

Ornamental steel fences are one of the most popular and polished residential fencing styles. As the name suggests, ornamental fences are composed of durable steel. They are the strongest materials available to homeowners for all their fencing needs. These metal fences are the perfect attractive and low-maintenance addition to compliment your home’s style. When they become dirty, simply rinse the dirt off the fence. You’ll also want to periodically check for rust and immediately care for any rust spots you find.


Ornamental steel fences can range from simplistic to exquisitely designed. No matter the style you choose for your home, ornamental steel will be the perfect addition to compliment your home’s design.

The uniqueness of ornamental fences comes from the different styles installed on the top railing. The classic style comes to a tall point on each post, while others have beautifully curved arches.

As you consider the different styles available, remember that between each of the styles, you’ll never compromise on durability!


Similar to chain-link fences, ornamental steel fences don’t provide as much privacy as wooden picket fences. But this does not mean an ornamental fence isn’t right for your home! You’ll have the protection you need as these fences can stand anywhere between four and six feet tall.

Vinyl Fence

Compared to wooden fences, vinyl fences are a low-maintenance, beautiful addition to any home. Fences made from vinyl materials are high quality and low maintenance; they won’t fade in color or erode as time passes. They have a beautiful white appearance that is sleek and gives you the classic white-picket fence curb appeal without the worry of deterioration. 


From a straight picket fence to a scalloped design to a classic ranch railing, vinyl picket fences are a lovely accent to any home. If you need more privacy, there are several options that can meet your specific needs.


Vinyl fences can come in solid paneled fencing without any openings for passersby to see through. Other options provide privacy with a detailed top railing, such as a lattice top or closed spindled top. No matter which you choose, white vinyl fences will keep you and your loved ones safe in your home.

Before choosing a new fence, remember this homeowner’s guide to the types of residential fences. Consider the maintenance you can provide to keep your new fence bright and new and the amount of privacy you desire.

The Door and Fence Store has many classic and custom options to meet your specific needs! Each of our fences come with a warranty that will allow us to be there for you should any complications arise after installing your new fence. For more information about the different types of residential fences, visit our website or contact us today! 

A Homeowner’s Guide to the Types of Residential Fences

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