What Entry Door Materials Are Best for Business Security?

What Entry Door Materials Are Best for Business Security?

If you ever feel unsafe in your public place of work, there are ways to enhance security to improve the safety of everyone involved. Wood is a very common entry door material; while wood is durable and strong, there are stronger metals that create safer environments. Continue reading to learn more about what entry door materials are best for business security.

What Businesses Need Security Doors?

Security entry doors are doors installed on any portion of a building to add extra reinforcement. Remember that any business can install security doors, but certain entry door materials are more common and beneficial for:

  • Warehouses
  • Government facilities
  • Stadiums or sports facilities
  • Banks
  • Educational buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Offices or professional buildings
  • Apartment complexes

The Best Entry Door Materials

When searching for an entry door material that is best for business security, remember that metal materials are more dependable than most solid wood materials.


The most secure entry doors are created from steel. When you need something that will prevent unauthorized individuals from breaking into your building, a steel entry door is a great option.

These doors are composed of solid steel; they will maintain their strength for years to come. While steel doors are very heavy, their design, durability, and strength allow for excessive use and further protection.

Fireproof Metal

If you’re searching for additional strength, you can also find steel fireproof metal doors for your business. These types of doors can be beneficial for industrial facilities, educational buildings, banks, hospitals, and more! Every building can be at risk of catching fire; fireproof steel doors are designed to add extra security to limit the spread of flames when an emergency arises.


Aluminum is another metal alternative to steel that can protect your business. It’s a naturally rust-resistant material that will not corrode as time goes on. Unlike steel, aluminum is a hollow material, but that does not mean it compromises on strength. The design of aluminum doors is meant for easy maintenance and protection against unwanted visitors.

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