Carriage House Doors vs. Traditional Garage Doors

Carriage House Doors vs. Traditional Garage Doors

Your garage door’s style can make a considerable difference to your home’s curb appeal. So many designs are available to choose from with ample customization options. So, how do you choose the right one? Let’s start with two of the most popular items. Continue reading about the features of carriage house doors and traditional garage doors.

Carriage House Garage Doors

The inspiration for carriage house doors derives from traditional barn doors. The buildings used to store horse-drawn carriages hundreds of years ago.

People took the original concept and formed a modern approach. Carriage doors are easily recognizable due to the crisscross planks, iron handles, and an array of windows. Many doors have an arched top for additional flair.

Rustic or medieval-inspired homes complement carriage garage doors the best! The natural stone or brick makes the intricate woodwork of the door effortlessly flow together.

It’s important to note that even though manufacturers gleaned inspiration from wooden barn doors when designing carriage house garage doors, they are still large pieces of metal. The extra strength, low maintenance, and stunning appearance make this one of the most beloved options for rustic homes or farmhouse-style homes.

Traditional Garage Doors

Perhaps you don’t have a particular home aesthetic. All you desire is a garage door that’s elegant and timeless.

Traditional garage doors are the ultimate classic design. The garage will match your home no matter the upgrades you make over the years, from new landscaping to repainting the siding.

Traditional garage doors come with two distinct designs: raised and recessed panels. Raised panels move outward and add subtle depth and dimension. Recessed panels bend in the opposite direction; it’s a flush panel made with a small frame.

Both are available with or without windows. You have plenty of opportunities to make the garage door design especially unique if you favor windows!

Several favorable features of carriage house doors and traditional garage doors exist. You’ll find both garage doors for sale at the Door and Fence Store! View some of the designs our company offers online to determine which style will suit your home.

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