What To Look For When Inspecting Your Garage Door

What To Look For When Inspecting Your Garage Door

Homeowners and business owners alike use garages daily. They’re an integral component that reinforces functionality.

Garage doors require frequent inspections to eliminate the risk of injuries or costly maintenance. If you wish to examine the garage door on your own, here are the things to look for when inspecting it.

Inspect the Door for Imperfections

Your garage door can withstand tough weather conditions. Nevertheless, it’s possible for strong metal garage doors to fall victim to scratches, rust, or dents on the surface.

Any untreated imperfections can lead to expensive repairs or a garage door replacement. If you spot any damage, be sure to contact a professional garage repair service for further assistance.

Check the Garage Door’s Balance

The garage door’s weight should be evenly distributed so that it can function safely. If you suspect the door is unbalanced, disconnect the door from the opener. Then, manually lift the door up halfway.

If the door stays steady, the door is even and balanced. If it falls, that indicates the springs or cables may need adjusting or replacing.

Examine the Safety Features

Modern garage doors have advanced safety features to provide added security, efficiency, and peace of mind. Auto-reverse ensures the door reverses its direction if it detects an obstruction. Motion detection alerts you to any movement near the door.

What will you look for when inspecting your garage door’s safety features? Place a board in between the two sensors. Once you press the button to close, the garage door should automatically reverse. If this doesn’t occur, then it’s time to contact a professional technician to repair the issue.

Look for Worn or Broken Springs

The torsion and extension springs play a vital role in lifting and lowering the door. Over time, these springs experience wear and tear. They can snap, loosen, or rust.

Although you’re inspecting other areas of the garage door, the springs are an area you want to stay away from. The immense tension the springs hold and the instability could cause severe injuries upon inspection. That’s why you’ll need to contact a professional who can examine the damage and conduct the garage door spring replacement.

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