Everything To Know About Commercial Roll-Up Garage Doors

Everything To Know About Commercial Roll-Up Garage Doors

A garage might seem like a mediocre afterthought when constructing a facility. For businesses that rely on functional garages for work, the choice isn’t as simple as you think. The business must have a trustworthy, sturdy, and long-lasting garage door to get the job done each day.

Roll-up garage doors are one of the options business owners prefer for their facilities. If you have a feeling that it’s the right choice for you, continue reading everything you need to know about commercial roll-up garage doors.

Roll-Up Doors Are Made of Steel

Wood garage doors may succumb to rot or start warping after exposure to moisture. Vinyl and fiberglass garages don’t provide the security strength that business owners desire. That’s where steel comes into the picture.

Steel is much thicker and heavier than the previously listed materials. The substantial strength makes it a challenge to damage on impact. A car slowly backing into the metal or large pieces of hail falling from the sky is unlikely to break through the surface.

Aluminum is another popular metal used in garage doors. However, it doesn’t compare to the properties of steel.

Steel remains the most favorable garage door material. Its impeccable durability results in a reliable, long-lasting garage door that’s perfect for a variety of businesses.

How Roll-Up Garage Doors Function

Average garage doors take up too much overhead space or fall off the tracks easily. Roll-up doors operate differently.

The rolling door consists of interlocking horizontal slats of steel. After you send the signal for the door to open, the steel rises up and folds inward on itself in a rotating motion. It will sit in a tube-like position in the ceiling until it receives the signal to close.

The mechanism mounts onto the walls rather than across the ceiling. Therefore, there is additional upward space available for light sources and storage.

The Primary Businesses That Use Roll-Up Doors

There’s no limit to the type of businesses that can utilize commercial roll-up doors. You’ll find these doors used in places such as:

  • Mechanic garages
  • Parking facilities
  • High-security buildings
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Storage facilities
  • Emergency buildings

The advantage of roll-up doors is they’re widely versatile, but why is that? What else should you know about commercial roll-up garage doors?

An Amazing Material That Withstands the Elements

It’s no secret that weather can be harsh. A rainy spring day, a wave of heat in the summer, or a frigid winter snowstorm won’t rattle steel roll-up doors.

Steel is one of the strongest materials, designed to withstand environmental factors. Everyday wear and tear won’t easily compromise the metal.

Roll-Up Doors Are the Key to a Secure Facility

Heightened security is crucial for any business. The goal is to keep each employee and every aspect of the company safe from any crimes.

The sturdy steel isn’t the only component that makes roll-up doors extra secure. Rolling steel doors also lock from the inside across each edge of the surface.

There are few exposed areas, making it challenging for threats to penetrate. As a result, the door will safeguard employees and products inside.

Receive Great Insulation and Energy Efficiency

You may wonder, “Why should insulation matter for a garage door?” Steel is a naturally insulated material that comes with wonderful benefits.

Have you ever needed to blast the AC in the summer because the room wouldn’t keep cool enough? Steel garage doors can help with that issue. They will reduce the cost of the energy bill because it won’t take as much power to cool off or warm up a room. In return, your facility will become more energy efficient.

Another perk of steel’s insulating properties is ample comfort for employees. Frequently fluctuating temperatures create a challenging work environment. When you have the temperature under control, employees will feel comfortable and be more productive throughout their shifts.

Additional Information To Keep in Mind:

Watch Out for Rust Spots

It’s true that metal is one of the strongest materials on the market. However, despite its durable properties, it’s important to remember that metal can wear down over time.

The most common cause of rust is excessive moisture from rain and snow. Water may sit on the surface or seep into the cracks.

The oxidation process and existence of rust weaken the metal. It begins from within and eats away through the exterior. The structural integrity of the entire garage door could be put in jeopardy.

The trick is to eliminate any signs of rusting as soon as possible. It’s easy to patch up a small rust spot, but it’s challenging to fix a largely affected area. Stopping the spread before the rust compromises the door will prolong the door’s life span.

Upgrade the Fire-Resistance Properties

Fires are a constant fear for homeowners and business owners alike. The average door will melt and allow the fire to spread to more materials, putting more people in danger. That’s why some business owners choose to upgrade their roll-up doors with fire-rated material.

Fire-rated roll-up doors will contain gases and flames, keeping them from permeating other areas of the facility. In return, employees will work in a safer environment that minimizes the possibility of injuries.

Roll-Up Garage Doors Are Easy To Paint

After the garage door works day in and day out, it can lose its luster. A great advantage of metal roll-up garage doors is they’re easy to paint.

Fix up any imperfections on the surface (including rust and dirt spots). Thoroughly clean, dry, and prime the area. Then, on a clear sunny day, paint the door with the color of your choice. The vibrant color will immediately refresh the garage.

Revel in the Long-Lasting Qualities

The generally expected life span of garage doors is anywhere from 15 to 30 years. When it comes to steel doors, they’re expected to last upward of 20 years!

The secret to a long-lasting roll-up shutter is to stay up to date with maintenance. Frequently inspect the frame, springs, rollers, tracks, and the status of the door. A little bit of care is all it takes to enjoy 20 years or more of an incredible commercial garage door.

Everything To Know About Commercial Roll-Up Garage Doors

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