The Best Ways To Lubricate Your Garage Door

The Best Ways To Lubricate Your Garage Door

Metal needs lubrication to operate properly. Without it, you’ll hear grinding or squeaking sounds from the garage door every time it opens and closes. Eventually, the parts won’t just emit an unfavorable sound. They will most likely break down, as well. Find out the best ways to lubricate your garage door for a long-lasting, fully functional door.

Always Clean the Parts Before Spraying the Lubricant

You need the metal parts to be clean before applying the lubricant. This step ensures an effective product that will properly lubricate each part. Some of the items that require lubrication include the rollers, hinges, torsion or extension springs, bearing plates, top rail, and arm bar.

All you need for this step is a damp rag or a vacuum for less accessible areas. The goal is to remove as much dirt, debris, and even bugs from the surfaces for a smooth application process.

Don’t Lubricate the Tracks!

The tracks of the garage door aren’t made for lubricants. The sticky substance could attract dust and grime. Over time, the tracks can build up with debris and cause the rollers to fall off the track. Instead of lubricating the tracks, all you need is to follow the cleaning process listed above. Thorough, frequent cleaning will prevent clogged tracks and result in a fluid door.

Silicone Sprays Are the Best Product for Proper Lubrication

You’ll need silicone spray to achieve a polished and effortless garage door. The adhesive spray provides moisture resistance that’s great for preventing oxidation.

Silicone sprays are also favorable due to their ability to attach to hard-to-reach areas. They guarantee that every millimeter of the metals is covered thoroughly to prevent future damage and result in a smooth garage door.

Lithium Lubricant Is an Alternative, but It’s Not the Best Option

The other choice some homeowners lean toward is lithium-based lubricants. The disadvantage of the product is it doesn’t possess waterproofing properties. When you need to pick between the two products, a silicone lubricant is the best choice.

Reapply the Lubricant Once Every Two Months

The job isn’t complete quite yet. The best way to care for your garage door is to lubricate the metal parts once every two months. It’s great to continue this treatment to avoid a noisy garage or defective parts.

Contact the Door and Fence Store for Additional Assistance

If a silicone lubricant doesn’t seem to solve your garage’s problem, you can find additional help from a fence and garage door service in Ames, IA. The Door and Fence Store’s team of skilled professionals will swiftly care for any problems that arise in your garage doors.

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