Garage Improvements That Can Increase Property Value

Garage Improvements That Can Increase Property Value

It may come as a surprise, but the quality of the house’s garage door has an immense impact on your home’s value. Buyers are constantly searching for homes that are in remarkable condition and need minimal upgrades.

Rather than let your current garage decline, consider some improvements to increase the property value! Continue reading to find out the changes you may need to implement for your home.

An Updated Garage Door

Curb appeal is a number one selling feature for buyers. The condition of a garage door has a monumental impact on a home’s selling price. If there are various dents and scratches or the door is in an outdated style, the appearance is likely to decrease the home’s value.

Instead, consider purchasing a brand-new garage door to revamp your home’s curb appeal. Choose a style that correlates with the exterior of the home. From a sleek modern finish to a wooden, cottage-style door, there are plenty of options that ensure you’ll be able to find the perfect style for a cohesive exterior.

Weatherstripping the Garage

Older garage doors tend to let in more outside air than newer doors. Weatherstripping is a valuable tool that prevents outside air from coming indoors and maintains the appropriate temperature throughout the seasons.

You can install a rubber or vinyl bottom seal on a garage door in the same way you would install a front door sweep. This weatherstripping will hinder rain, snow, ice, and more from entering the garage.

In addition to the garage door, you may want to weatherstrip some other areas, too. Examine the walls and flooring for any cracks or openings that may let in air, as well. Fill these sections with caulk to eliminate airflow into the garage.

High-Quality Insulation

Weatherstripping isn’t the only tactic to keep the garage at the proper temperature all year. Installing high-quality insulation is a necessary improvement to increase property value.

Homeowners frequently criticize their garage’s ability to keep warm air inside during the winter or bemoan that it’s miserably hot in the summer. An important update to conduct is to install insulation along the walls and on the backside of the garage door. In doing so, the entire garage will be able to more efficiently hold the determined temperature year-round.

Install Durable Cabinets

Garages are multipurpose spaces. Homeowners use them for storage, DIY projects, and fixing up cars. Therefore, buyers want to see the garage as a versatile space.

A component that will appeal to a variety of buyers is cabinetry. Storage is always a must inside and outside of the home. You can’t go wrong with installing sturdy cabinets along the walls.

Installing wall-mounted cabinets is the best option! Free-standing cabinets aren’t permanent and may tip over. With wall-mounted cabinets, you can choose either floating cabinetry to maximize space or cabinetry on the floor that allows for easy access. The trick is to choose storage that is powerful yet not too bulky for the space.

A garage door store like the Door and Fence Store has just what your home requires to transform the garage! Whether you install a new door or conduct a variety of repairs, your home is sure to make an immense profit when it comes time to sell the property.

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