What You Need To Know About Painting a Roll-Up Garage Door

What You Need To Know About Painting a Roll-Up Garage Door

Day in and day out, your business utilizes a roll-up garage door to safeguard products, receive items, and provide exceptional security. After continual usage, the parts aren’t the only elements that may start to wear down.

Does your garage door not look so great anymore? Try giving it a new coat of paint to revive its appearance. Find out what you need to know about painting a roll-up garage door for an effortless restoration project.

Paint on a Nice Day

Before painting, check the weather forecast. Rain, humidity, and extremely high temperatures aren’t ideal when painting a garage door. Instead, schedule the project for a day with a clear forecast and mild temperatures between 50 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Check the Door for Imperfections

Your door’s surface will get dented and scratched over time from things like harsh weather and accidents on the job. You can’t ignore these imperfections before repainting.

Simply painting over scratches and dents doesn’t resolve the problem. The areas may become contaminated and be more likely to rust. Once the metal begins rusting, it’s hard to stop.

The Door and Fence Store can fix it! Our team is ready for any garage door maintenance that comes your way. Once the affected areas are repaired, it’s time to start the painting process.

Clean the Garage Door

Another thing you need to know about painting a roll-up garage door is the importance of cleaning it beforehand. It’s a fundamental step that impacts how the paint sticks to the surface.

First, pressure wash the door with soapy water. Clean away any substances that may prevent the primer and paint from adhering to the surface. Afterward, dry the area with a microfiber cloth.

Thoroughly Prep the Area

Now that the door is clean, you can start prepping the area for paint. Start by placing a drop cloth underneath the garage door so no paint stains the asphalt or concrete.

Next, put painter’s tape around the door to prevent paint from getting on the door frame. This ensures the paint job looks crisp and clean.

Prime the Garage Door

Finally, find the right primer. Priming is a fundamental aspect of the process that you cannot overlook. An oil-based or multi-surface primer will easily adhere to a metal door.

Many people use a rolling brush or large paint brush for priming residential roll-up doors. However, large commercial roll-up doors are more challenging to cover. You may want to utilize a paint sprayer instead.

Allow ample time for the primer to dry in between coats. You’ll want to apply two to three coats in total so the paint is sure to stick.

It’s Time To Paint!

Now, you’re finally ready to get the paint the door! Choose a paint for exterior conditions and metal doors. Both water-based and oil-based paints are great for this type of project. Use a paint sprayer for easy application and a flawless finish!

Are there any updates your garage door needs besides a fresh coat of paint? The Door and Fence Store has a team of experts to repair overhead roll-up doors so they continue to serve your business. If your garage door needs fixing up, the Door and Fence Store is the place to call.

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