Preventative Maintenance for Your Business’s Roll-Up Doors

Preventative Maintenance for Your Business’s Roll-Up Doors

Working in an industrial market means that machinery is everywhere you look. It means that your business thrives on the ability of those machines to make the things that you produce or do jobs that a human cannot.

With that said, you must care for your equipment just as you do your position in the facility to keep things in top shape. Some aspects of this care are transportation, entry, and exit, which is provided through the means of commercial rolling doors. Rolling steel doors can provide many benefits to your business. 

Because this is such a crucial component of your manufacturing business, preventative maintenance is necessary for your business’s roll-up doors to maintain movement and transportation to and from the business. Learn more preventative maintenance for your roll-up doors in this blog. 

Taking Safety Precautions

When making your walk-through for your visual inspection, you should first look at all moving parts of the roll-up door to ensure it works correctly. As you inspect, look for anything out of place, features that don’t seem up to speed, or parts that are moving too fast. Additionally, keep an ear open for any unusual noises. Any of these things could signal potential breakdown. You must stay on top of such things and keep parts up to date to prevent breakdowns to your industrial roll-up garage doors. 

Visual Inspections Are Necessary

Roll-up door maintenance begins with a visual inspection of all the components. While inspecting roll-up doors, you should have a list of items to look at. Here is an example of things to inspect: 

  • Door curtain
  • Bottom bar
  • Brackets
  • Footwear
  • Guides and guide rails
  • Hood
  • Fascia
  • Operator motor
  • Chain

Look for specific things like corrosion, dust, foreign objects, and rust during a visual inspection.

Looking for Red Flags

Commercial roll-up door installation will ensure you have a roll-up door that works properly. Like any piece of equipment, you’ll want to keep your roll-up doors clean and lubricated. This means you should do maintenance in between every 500 to 1000 cycles. Regiment your time accordingly to keep things up and running correctly.

Maintenance will include the track, locks, sprockets, bearings, shafts, and chain with the drive. By staying on top of this, you will always be able to keep things operational. If not, poor maintenance could ultimately cause significant problems.

If you’re looking to keep your business up and running appropriately, then you’ll want to ensure your commercial roll-up doors are also operating. This list of preventative maintenance for your business’s roll-up doors will help you keep things running their best. Browse our blogs to learn more about roll-up door maintenance for commercial or industrial doors. For even more information, contact us today. 

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