The Essential Guide to the Types of Commercial Garage Doors

The Essential Guide to the Types of Commercial Garage Doors

When it comes to commercial garage doors, there are many options available on the market. Knowing what you want and what you need is an essential first step before making a purchase and installing a garage door. Use this brief guide to the types of commercial garage doors and their attributes so that you can navigate through your options and find what would best suit your business.

Overhead Garage Doors

Overhead garage doors are the standard among standards when it comes to commercial garage doors. This door comes with a standard railing that goes along the sides of the doors and curves upward and over the door from the inside, where the rails are parallel. That same railing reaches halfway back through the garage to ensure that it can entirely pull the door up while it’s open.

Most commercial overhead garage doors will have a chain connected to a motor, and when the door is on and opened, the chain will pull the door upward onto the pulley, where it will remain until you either manually let it down or remotely operate the device. Each unit comes with a motor that is fully equipped to handle the commercial overhead garage door and connected panels. A service technician can install everything for you so that you can focus on the needs of your business.

Glass and Aluminum Doors

Glass and aluminum fall under the same category because they typically work together as a pair. Many aluminum doors feature glass panels in them to varying degrees. You can often spot this type of commercial door inside industrial settings where businesses will have the door with a hydraulic overhead to maintain a controlled slow swing close once opened.

Businesses can choose between the double door or single door, glass-centered models that have aluminum borders and handles. These are standard among schools and offices these days, and the variety of styles allows businesses to find a garage door solution that suits their style.

Roll-Up Sheet Doors

The roll-up sheet door is much of what you might expect. You may be most familiar with this option as the door you spot when you’re entering someone’s shed or a garage somewhere because it’s a cheaper, no-nonsense option. After all, the roll-up sheet is completely manual. They may not be as fancy or high-tech as other options, but these doors get the job done.

In exchange for automated movement and remote control, businesses can choose this door to save money. All you’ll have to do to ensure your garage door’s longevity is just grease the axle on a regular basis.

Ultra-Fast Doors

Next on this list is the ultra-fast garage door. These high-speed doors have a similar structure to the roll-up sheet doors, but they are lightweight instead of bulky and cumbersome like many standard commercial garage doors.

Unlike roll-up doors with large, separated panels, these designs utilize a slim, slat-like design. The door zips up in a flash as you operate it, so it’s wise to stand back when it is in operation. Businesses with an elevated level of traffic and client base often rely on these doors. Look to high-speed garage doors if your business seeks an extremely effective and efficient piece of equipment.

Garage Door Installation

You’ll want to have all your materials ready and shipped to you long before the technician gets to your residence or business. It’s their responsibility to help you assemble and install the equipment, but not all repairpersons get the equipment to you as well. There are instances where the supplier or company you purchase from will offer both delivery and installation, but it’s crucial to know if delivery or installation comes with an extra cost.

Once your materials arrive, the installation process should be a breeze. Never attempt to work on these doors without proper training. If you do handle the installation yourself, consider calling a technician to look over your work or address any issues you may run into along the way. This rings especially true if you’re under a contract with the company you purchased the door from.

Keep in mind that you may have a manufacturer or seller warranty that specifies how you must install your door to maintain protection. If you’re purchasing a commercial overhead garage door in Ames, IA, The Door and Fence Store offers expert installation services and a 12-month parts and labor warranty from the day of service for new installs.

Added Energy Efficiency

You may find that one of the greatest perks to owning and operating a commercial garage door is energy efficiency. The right garage door can make your business more energy-efficient and, in turn, help you save on energy costs by creating a space protected from the elements. A garage door also insulates the business, regulating the temperature and adding to the efficiency of your HVAC systems. The locking mechanism in the unit is also responsible for the airtight seal that contributes to the creation of this ideal microclimate.

Quality garage doors have other reasons to warrant praise, such as security features and a low operation cost, but energy efficiency is a huge element to consider for your business or work environment. This feature will ultimately cool your space and lower your monthly energy costs, helping to create a mountain of savings for you soon after installation.

Overall, whether it’s the primary benefit you’re seeking or simply an added bonus, a new garage door is a wise investment for those looking to operate a more energy-efficient business.

Look to this essential guide to the types of commercial garage doors to help you better understand what solutions are available to your business and how to determine what style is best for your needs. When you’re getting ready to make that next big install at your workplace or home, you can get a better idea of what you’re looking for. Reach out to our team at The Door and Fence Store to learn more about modern garage door solutions that fit all styles and budgets.

The Essential Guide to the Types of Commercial Garage Doors

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