Rolling Steel Doors vs. Commercial Sheet Doors

Rolling Steel Doors vs. Commercial Sheet Doors

The question of whether you should buy rolling or commercial sheet steel doors for your business depends on how you’re going to use them. There are a few things to know about both of them before making any decisions. So, read about how rolling steel doors versus commercial sheet doors compare to one another before you decide.

Construction of Each

The making of each door determines its durability and function. If you want something heavy-duty that will last for a long time under high-stress conditions, then you might want to go with the rolling steel door. It is put together through steel slats that are all interlocking to make one tightly bonded unit. It has the strength to hold up just about anything.

If you want a door that’s medium to light-weight with similar strength, then commercial would be the best thing for you. Commercial doors have many corrugated sheets that are all interlocked, making them sturdy and durable but not as rigid as the rolling steel.

Application of Use

You will typically see rolling steel in industrial applications where heavy machinery and warehouses are present. Typical sheds and storage facilities will have more of the commercial varieties.

Door Repairs

Commercial grade has to be replaced by the sheet, so it could be a little more costly than rolling steel, but overall inexpensive. This is due to the fact that it holds up well normally. Rolling steel is easily repaired—any areas with issues can get spot-welded, or you can remove or replace the door.

Pricing on Units

The price of commercial roll-up door installation is very appealing. There will be an overall saving on materials being reduced, the labor is minimal, and overall maintenance is almost non-existent. These structures are made to last. Commercial sheet doors may need to have panels replaced individually over time and aren’t built as sturdy, so maintenance may also be something you will invest in.

If you’re thinking about replacing or constructing a door to stand up to the elements, a rolling steel door is a solid choice. Commercial sheet doors are a safe alternative if you can’t afford one. When it comes to the debate of rolling steel doors vs. commercial sheet doors, you’ll be satisfied with either one you choose because they’re both high quality.

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