Why Winter Is the Best Time of Year To Install a Fence

Why Winter Is the Time To Think About Replacing Your Fences

Once they put up a fence, most people feel accomplished, and some even hold onto the thought that they no longer must maintain their fence. The problem with this thinking is that you do have to maintain them. Some fences deteriorate at a slower rate than others, but at some point, you will end up replacing pieces here and there to ensure the fence continues doing its job. So when’s the time to replace a fence? Let’s discover what makes winter the best time of year to install a fence.

Clearing Brush and Limbs Is Easier

Once the seasons change, so does the landscape. Chances are, most of your trees and shrubs have been growing year-round, and have covered most of your fence, or at least provided enough shade and border for protection and coverage. Once the leaves of these plants fall, it’s easier to see how much they have grown. Winter is usually the time that people trim back most of their brush and prune trees to make them more sustainable for the next year.

Best Time for Assessing Your Fence

If you cut your foliage back, you will have a clear view of the state of your fence, and you can assess how things look from the outside and inside. You will know if there are rotten parts of boards or places that have been broken and need pairs. Maybe the fence just needs a new coat of paint. Knowing these details will be difficult unless you can clearly see the fence. You might also consider a different type of fence. If you have a wooden fence and the upkeep is just too much of a hassle, you might look into chain link fence installation as a viable alternative. Once the trees and hedges grow over the fence, they will cover up most of the chain and metal.

Privacy and Safety Come First

After you have assessed your fence and cleared everything away, you may notice a few things that you need to repair with your fence. This is something that you need to take seriously as you improve your home’s security since your safety and privacy may now be at stake. This is yet another reason why it’s best to make these adjustments during the winter. You may not have caught these things in the spring or summer.

It’s important that we take care of our fences because they take care of us. Not only can fences be installed in the winter, but it’s the perfect time to repair or replace them. If you’re still wondering why winter is the time to think about replacing your fences, you should think carefully about assessing your own fence to see for yourself why this is the best method.

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