How To Tell if You Should Repair or Replace Your Garage Door

There are many ways to tell when it’s time to repair or replace your garage door. For example, a broken door may sag, open slowly, or have delays; however, you may want to replace your door to keep up with ever-changing technology. By keeping your garage door in optimal operation, your home looks nice and stays secure.

There’s Visual Damage

A vehicle collision could damage or ruin your garage door by breaking one of the many parts needed for proper operation. If one or several of these moving parts breaks, your garage door may not work. Similarly, a broken panel will affect how your door opens and closes, as it will no longer do so correctly; this could impact security.

Your Security Is at Risk

A broken garage door isn’t just an inconvenience—it’s a danger. It could fall on someone resulting in severe injury or worse. A damaged garage door also increases your risk of home invasion by giving vandals easier access to your home. Garage door technology has come a long way since your last installation, and new doors come equipped with safety measures like voice commands, better lighting, and more.

It No Longer Works Properly

Even if there’s no visual damage to the door, it still may not open or close. In such cases, the motor may have burnt out, or a spring or chain may have broken. Before calling a technician, make sure the battery in your opener works. If changing the battery doesn’t fix the issue, call a professional. If you live in the Ames area, an expert from the Door & Fence Store will happily assess your door for signs of damage.

It Makes Strange Sounds

Listen closely when you open or close your door, as a door that needs a replacement may make the following sounds:

  • Grinding
  • Crunching
  • Grating
  • Squeaking
  • Banging

Your door may vibrate and shake as it moves, showing you it’s time for a replacement. If a component or hinge broke or needs a repair, the door will sound louder when you use it, so don’t ignore these warning signs.

It Needs a New Appearance

Your door may work fine, but if it’s out of date and you want to boost your curb appeal, a replacement may be in order. Likewise, you may want to transform your garage into a living space and need a door with better insulation. Regardless of your reason, a home’s exterior reflects the interior, and a beautiful appearance makes homeowners happy!

As you shop for the ideal garage door for your house, consider the various styles and decide what best suits your home!

As a homeowner, recognizing the signs and knowing how to tell if you should repair or replace your garage door will keep your door serving you as it should! If you notice your garage door no longer opens properly or has exterior damage, contact us. The Door & Fence Store offers installation and garage door repairs in Ames, Iowa. Protect your home with a necessary repair or boost your curb appeal by updating your garage door now!

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