Commercial Entry Door Damage: 5 Common Causes

Commercial Entry Door Damage: 5 Common Causes

Your business’s doors are strong, but all things wear down after frequent use. What causes your commercial doors to break? Let’s take a look at the five main reasons.

Compromised Frame

The doorframe must remain level and square to keep a strong metal door intact. Door frames often bend from consistent use, misuse, or vandalism. If you notice a bent door frame, know that its structural integrity is compromised.

Heavy Impact

Commercial metal doors are dependable, but large or heavy items can cause damage on impact. While you might not notice anything at first or think that your door can survive the pounding, the damage adds up over time.

The door’s panels are the source of the door’s durability. If heavy items swing at the surface, the door won’t function properly for much longer.


Rust is a common culprit of commercial entry door damage. Rust forms within a door and makes its way to the exterior. Once you see rust, know that the metal is brittle and vulnerable. It needs immediate attention because the quality of the door is weakened.

Extreme Weather

Metal doors directly face all weather conditions—below-freezing temperatures, fast winds tossing debris, hailstorms casting ice into the surface, and intense summer heat. These extreme weather conditions cause commercial entry doors to lose structural integrity over time.

Traffic Volume

Manufactured items are only designed to last for so long. This even applies to metal entry doors. Frequently using the door causes parts to wear down over time. Hinges are the most susceptible parts that encounter damage and withstand improper use.

Keep a close eye on the hinge quality of doors in high-traffic areas. Look out for dents in the door and bent frames. A door that sees high traffic is more inclined to sustain damages.

If you see signs of wear and tear, contact the Door and Fence Store to quickly replace a damaged metal commercial door. You can depend on our professionals to complete the job the right way. You’ll love your new heavy-duty door that won’t fail your business!

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