The Lock Options for Your Business’s Steel Entry Doors

The Lock Options for Your Business’s Steel Entry Doors

You want to keep your business safe, so it’s only right that you install industrial steel doors and the proper locks. Continue reading to learn about the different lock options for your business’s steel entry doors.

Commercial Lock Grades

Locks installed for businesses are different than the average lock on the doors of a home. Locks for commercial buildings fall into different grades of security: grades 1, 2, and 3.

Grade 3 is a standard lock used for casual security levels. This includes employee break rooms, offices, and even supply closets.

Grade 2 locks are found in low- to medium-traffic areas. You’ll find grade 2 locks on doors protecting valuable merchandise or exterior doors for extra security.

Grade 1 locks are the strongest locks and are best for protecting your business. These locks are typically placed on the exterior of buildings in high-traffic areas. With grade 1 locks being the highest level of security, you’ll find these locks installed on buildings like education facilities, healthcare buildings, and any other large-capacity public buildings that require enhanced security.

If you need a lock for your business, grade 1 locks are the best option! From here, there are a few different styles of locks you can choose from.

Cylindrical Lever Locks

Cylindrical lever locks are relatively easy to install and very effective. The handle appearance is a round doorknob. This lock is controlled by a key or by a combination of a key and a push button on the handle.

Mortise Locks

Mortise locks are a little different than other standard locks, as they allow you to lock the door from either side. You can lock these doors with a key, but the lock also contains a deadbolt feature that makes this door impenetrable against forced entry.

Electric Strike Locks

Have you ever been buzzed into a building by a security official? That system uses an electric strike lock to enhance security precautions. These are found in many apartment buildings, banks, government buildings, and more!

If someone isn’t manually buzzing people in, electric strike locks will function with the use of another type of lock. Sometimes, individuals will swipe a card or enter a code on the keypad to enter.

Keypad Door Locks

Another lock option for your business’s steel entry doors is a keypad door lock. It’s designed to give access to anyone entering the proper code on the keypad. This is a quick way to give employees access and keep the area secure without requiring the use of a key for each employee.

If you want to keep your business safe, installing a proper lock on a durable door from the Door and Fence Store is your best option! Once the lock is suitably installed, your business will be secure, and your employees will be ready to get to work!

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