Top 4 Tips To Winterize Your Garage Door

Top 4 Tips for Garage Door Winterization

You will need knowledge about garage door maintenance to keep yours running properly. To maintain these standards, here are the top four tips to winterize your garage door so you can fix up your garage for this season or protect your garage door from any severe weather that comes your way.

Inspect Your Gear

When you prepare your garage door for cold weather, the first order of business is to routinely check your residential overhead garage door and its parts, including the gears. By doing this, you will know exactly how long it’s been before and after replacing each part and how old everything is. This information will be important as you continue to maintain your garage door.

Lubricate After Every Inspection

It’s important that you check the internal components of your garage door regularly. This will tell you if everything mechanical is working the way that it should be. However, to keep it working properly, you will need to oil and lubricate your garage door. This will ensure that the moving parts don’t rust, corrode, and stick together.

Maintain the Rollers

The rollers are one of the most important parts of the whole device. Without your rollers, you wouldn’t be able to open and close your door. So, as you winterize your garage door, make sure that they aren’t decomposing and haven’t lost their grip—you will need to check them regularly to ensure that they are still operational.

Check and Replace Weather Stripping

The outside of the door should be secured with relatively thick weather stripping. This will prevent any of the harsh weather from creeping into your garage and causing the internal temperature of your house to drop by a few degrees.

To keep things simple, you should schedule regular garage door inspections and keep a close eye on your garage door’s internal parts to make sure everything is operating as it should. Lubricate these parts from time to time and replace what needs to be fixed or changed out for something new. Our top four garage door weather seal tips will help you stay on top of your garage door’s maintenance in the winter and even year-round.

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