5 Interesting Facts About Steel Entry Doors

5 Interesting Facts About Steel Entry Doors

Steel is one of the most durable materials on the market. Steel doors have many amazing properties, from high-security characteristics to stunning styles. Find out more with these five interesting facts about steel entry doors!

Steel Is an Energy Efficient Material

Homeowners and business owners are searching for energy-efficient solutions to improve the environment. Steel is a material that can assist in this endeavor.

One of the most enticing features of steel is that it’s an amazing insulator. It blocks unwanted air from entering and retains the set indoor temperature.

People won’t need to constantly run the HVAC system to try and heat or cool a room. Steel will make this struggle a thing of the past.

Steel Doors Are Simple To Paint

Painting metal is an easy process! If you need to upgrade to a shiny new color or improve a few imperfections, it’s simple to paint steel doors independently.

After sanding and using an excellent primer, you can start adding the color of your choice. You’ll have a door that looks brand new without enduring the cost of a replacement.

Most Steel Doors Are Fire-Rated

Fire-rated describes a high-quality product that can slow or diminish the spread of smoke and flames. The flames will engulf the average door’s barrier and place everything in the next room in danger.

With fire-rated steel doors, people have more time to evacuate the building in case of a fire. The strong material blocks the flames from encompassing the steel to protect people from harm.

Steel Will Minimize Resounding Sounds

An interesting fact about steel entry doors is their incredible ability to block excessive sounds. Perhaps there’s construction taking place across the street that emits unbearably loud noises. Installing a steel door will make the insufferable sounds less problematic.

Applying Heat to Steel Doors Makes Removing Dents Possible

Metals expand and contract due to temperature fluctuations. You can attempt to remove dents by applying heat whenever durable industrial steel doors endure damage from time to time.

Try using a heat gun or a hair dryer on the damaged region for a few minutes. If the dent doesn’t pop back into its position, apply something cold to it right away. Before you know it, the door is back to its original beauty.

If steel is the style you’re searching for, contact the Door and Fence Store today! Find fire-rated doors or strong steel doors with durable glass to safeguard your business. Our amazing selection ensures you’ll find just what your business requires.

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